He’s popped question. You have the ring and you’ve started planning the wedding.  But wait:  Have you had your engagement photos taken?  These days, many couples opt to have professional photos taken to commemorate their engagement.  If you are interested in engagement photography Chatham residents, there are a few things to take into consideration when you plan your session.

Your personal “couples style”

Who are you as a couple?  Are you fun-loving, outgoing and quirky?  Are you reserved and academic?  Do you love all things retro?  Do you both have a passion for music?  Whatever it is that makes you who you are is a great jumping-off point for your photo session.  Incorporating elements of your individual style, personalities and interests will give your engagement photos a uniqueness that is all you.



The location of your photo shoot should reflect the overall look you want for your photos.  If you are going for a vintage 1950s shoot, why not see if you can find a diner where you can have your photos taken?  Are you nature lovers?  Consider a beautiful park or other outdoor location.  Do you love all things historic? How about having your photos taken at an old fort or castle?   Tell your photographer your vision; they’ll almost always have a good idea in terms of location.


Another important consideration is what you will wear in your photos.  This can be primarily driven by the location and the overall vision for your shoot.  Whatever you choose, make sure your outfits fit the theme and that they don’t clash with each other.  Also consider whether your final photos will be printed in black and white or colour.  If they are going to be in black and white, the colour of your outfit won’t matter, but you’ll still need to be conscious of patterns that may not “read” well on film.  If your photos are going to be choosing colour photos, choose outfits that not only complement each other but that also fit with your theme.  For example, for an outdoor shoot, you may want to choose natural colours, as well as denim and other casual fabrics.  That said, there can be something beautifully artistic about the contrast that can be created by wearing ultra-formal clothes in a casual setting. The overriding principle should be the overall look you are after, whatever that may be.


Use it as a test drive

An engagement session is a good opportunity to “test out” a potential wedding photographer.  This is a good idea because if you are not absolutely thrilled with your engagement photos there is not only time to have them redone by someone else you can also find another photographer to shoot your wedding.   Although your engagement photos can be retaken as many times as you want, your wedding photos are a one-shot deal.  Using your engagement photos as a test drive can help to ensure that both your engagement photos and your wedding photos are something of which you will be proud for years to come.

Be yourself

One of the most important things to remember for your engagement session is to relax and be yourself.  The best photos are the ones in which you look natural and relaxed, so don’t be nervous.  Focus on your fiancé, not on the camera.


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