The life of a man is complex, with traits, passions and hobbies we sometimes don’t talk about. These are not sinful things, nothing to be ashamed of, but somehow they don’t fit into the usual small talk or casual conversation. They are simply not things to talk about in the coffee break. While not on topic in our everyday lives, these are indeed parts of it, influencing the way we act day after day.



1. The small rituals

Every man has a bit of OCD in him, whether he admits or not. Sometimes you might not even know of your daily rituals, but you do them nonetheless – as you don’t feel right if you don’t. Some men put on their left sock first, never leave home without checking for all lights to be off, or say a quick prayer when exiting the door. Some other rituals are less logical, but we do them nonetheless. I, for example, check the mailbox each day when leaving or coming home. Even on Sundays, when there is no postal service…

2. Playing the games

Online gambling is part of so many people’s that it funds a multi-billion dollar industry. Playing at the Royal Vegas is fun for most of us, or a source of some extra income. It is part of our lifestyle, just like our hobbies and other pastimes. The truth is, it is hard to find games that are so honest and fair as the ones at the Royal Vegas. Its hundreds of games, with tens more running on smartphones and tablets, are always guaranteed to be random. Besides, they don’t come with any hidden costs – they don’t try to trick you into paying up to get extra lives, skip levels or get five more moves. And winning some cash to spend on the weekend is the icing on the cake. While playing at the Royal Vegas might not make us an overnight millionaire (although it’s possible if you play the right games), the casino does provide us with high quality online entertainment day after day – at the right price.

Street League Skateboarding
Street League Skateboarding

Due to the generally negative perception of gambling in our society, we don’t talk about this part of our lives.

3. Guilty (culinary) pleasures

Do you have one? I sure do! I love to munch on slices of bacon at night, in the light of the fridge, when nobody sees me. Otherwise I am a sporty looking guy, and I have a balanced diet with a low carb intake and lots of fruit and veggies in it, plus I also work out on a daily basis. I wouldn’t reveal my guilty pleasure, not to ruin my image. But it exists – and keeps my fridge loaded with bacon at all times.