Regardless of where you find yourself on the spectrum of fashion or of fitness, there’s a relationship between the two, and you can either let yourself fall into the grey area of neutrality, or embrace the possibility of mixing the two in a way that gives of great impressions of confidence and composure.

And no, you won’t necessarily be going to high-fashion events wearing running shoes and a sweatband, but it doesn’t hurt to know what the current trends are in both fashion and fitness worlds so that you understand where to find an appropriate balance. Consider the four following categories when mulling over your options – what fitness tracker works for you, what types of activities are you involved in, how up are you on the latest wearable tech, and how much do you know about what the Apple watch is doing?


What’s Your Fitness Tracker of Choice?

The choice of the best fitness tracker is often a personal one, but it definitely means that you’ll have to take a long look at yourself in the mirror regarding fitness and fashion. Certain looks go with certain types of trackers, as some of the devices on your wrist can be sleek and simple, while others are quite bulky. The expense of the unit often coincides with the expense of your active clothing as well, so that’s another line of continuity.

Activewear for Active People

There are nearly an infinite number of possibilities when it comes to the fashion of activewear. For every sport or activity, there are mainstream companies, custom designs, 3rd party knockoffs, and everything in-between. Every color is taken care of, every fabric is presented in a thousand different ways. Look at sports stars to see what they wear, and make your decisions basic on those observations, or you can check out Get Bra Advice for more advice on picking out sports bras that are both trendy and effective at improvements.

New Technology Meets New Fashion

To really be on the edge of what’s happening in the fashionable workout subheading, check out the new wearable technology that’s becoming more popular. It combines many of the ideas of fitness tracking with the concept of actually putting that tech into the fabric of the clothing itself. Quite a revolutionary concept!

Apple Watch Brings It All Together

One way for you to see the perfect combination of fashion and fitness is to look at the Apple Watch sports version. It’s trendy, fashionable, and specifically aimed at taking care of fitness concepts like nutrition, heart rate, activity, and many other things, and it still hooks up to your iPhone to do everything that you would expect from an Apple product! As more people get them, the progress is going to be even more substantial, and it will become a mainstay of the fashion world.

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