It can often be difficult for men to learn how to properly accessorise. There are usually much fewer options available and finding the right balance without being too flashy can be a tricky proposition. However, this does not make finding the perfect accoutrement for your outfit any less important. There are few things that are as essential and classic as a good watch, and you might have noticed that watches are coming back in a big way. These are a few of the trends I’d recommend you watch out for if you’re thinking it’s time to get a new watch.

Smart Watches

I’d be amiss not to mention at least one smart-watch and the Apple Watch is currently the timepiece to beat. As activity trackers continue to surge in popularity, no doubt reflecting the trend of active lifestyles, smart-watches are beginning to pair fitness with fashion.

According to a report by the Guardian, Apple is pairing with a popular fashion designer as it sets its own sights on runways in addition to running enthusiasts. The latest partnership between Apple and esteemed fashion label Hermès has taken an already stylish watch and elevated it into “smart-couture” with bold leather straps that are both stylish and functional.

Leather Straps

If you’ve been following the partnership between Apple and Hermès, then you might have noticed a particular theme developing, leather. One item that’s a been a big hit all year round is the leather-strap watch. The lighter the colour of the leather, the better, with a warm caramel being the colour of choice for 2015.

If you’re stuck trying to find the right shade, there’s a lot of inspiration and ideas to be found in this display at Lyst, which showcase a wide variety of combinations and styles. It’s good to be aware of the options you have available and make sure you pick the accessory that’s best going to pair with the rest of your wardrobe. It’s difficult to go wrong with a simple watch face and an elegant, well polished leather strap for a timeless piece that is the perfect complement to a sharp suit and is also a great way to add some class to a casual outfit.

Colourful Straps

And it’s not just leather that has come into vogue for men’s watches. As more gentlemen are becoming comfortable with adding a bit of colour to their wardrobes, more are starting to realise that a watch is the perfect place to add a splash of colour to their ensemble.

This article from the New York Times highlights that alligator is becoming a particularly popular choice among men in 2015. Chanel even introduced alligator straps in red and navy this September to match the designer’s two most popular nail polishes.

So there you have it. Hopefully you’ll soon be on your way to sprucing up your outfit with the right timepiece.

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