Hello Fashion Lover!

At last count, there were more than 600,000 websites devoted to fashion or something like it. So why on earth would a 30 -year-old like me decide to start a blog about such a popular topic that is done to death across the world? Because I am nuts about fashion, that’s why. My name is Stephanie Lewis, Steff. I live in Bromley, not far out of London. I am going to Uni, and guess what I am studying? Yes, fashion, of course. Fancy getting a degree in fashion. There are a few different areas like Fashion Photography, Fashion Design, of course, and Fashion Marketing, but I’m hoping to be a buyer. My dad says I could end up with a degree and work as a salesperson in a clothing store if I don’t lift my game. Ugh!

Inherited Love

I must have picked up my love for clothes and what they look like from my mother. She is always impeccably dressed, and she could turn her hand at whipping up a smart frock in no time. I remember a few times when I needed a costume for a play or dance at school, she’d sit there with a thoughtful expression on her face and then look at me and say; “Well, Steff, I think a banshee. Okay?” Well, I didn’t even know what a banshee was. Mum said it was a female spirit from Irish Mythology. Okay. A white flowing gown with a cape, some horror make-up and I was a banshee. Kids at school loved it; the teachers hated it. So that was cool.

Exciting Visitors

I didn’t do all that well at school, but still passed my secondary exams with high enough marks to get accepted at Uni for fashion. Mum was delighted. Dad was happy enough. I’m in my first year, and I seem to be doing well enough to get a smile from a couple of the lecturers, more for my enthusiasm than my knowledge I think. But it is ever so exciting. We have Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason visiting next month. They are the creators of the famous Ostwald Hengarson design. Oh my! I can’t wait to see them let alone hear them speak.

My Blog Purpose

Part of my first year is to start a blog about fashion and see how many people I can get to join me here and we can talk about all those new clothes that are coming out for the spring collection. It would be super to talk to other students from around the world who are into fashion, wearing, buying or just watching it. Sometimes I wish I was a fashion model but I didn’t quite have the body for that. Just imagine wearing something new every time you walked out in front of people on the catwalk!

Well, that’s it as an intro from me. If you love fashion as I do, please email me and I promise I will reply quickly. I mean it’s homework, isn’t it?

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