You may have heard that body heat escapes from the head faster than any other part of the body… now while that isn’t strictly true, there are still plenty of very good reasons why it’s best to keep your head warm when the weather outside takes a turn.


The winter months can be hard on your hair and your skin, as winter breezes can dry it out and winter sports can leave it totally frazzled. So when dressing for the winter, you should consider your head in the same way as any other exposed part of the body. You cover your arms and legs to protect them and to keep out the cold, so it makes sense to give more than a second thought to your head, and ears which are even more sensitive and often more vulnerable thanks to their prime position.

Winter headwear can make all the difference when it comes to spending long days on the slopes or roaming cold trails. Providing protection, warmth and also looking good along the way, it’s a prime piece of your kit that deserves careful consideration.

So now that you’re on board with the fact that you need a winter hat, take a look at which type will be the best option for you…

Under-Helmet Headwear

If you’re a keen skier or like to hit the slopes on a snowboard, an under-helmet winter hat is a perfect choice. Giving you an extra layer of protection, keeping your skin and hair shielded from the hard helmet shell and even possibly improving the fit of your headgear. A winter hat that sits under your helmet can be a versatile piece, that can be worn alone when you’re apres-ski if you want to switch up your look without carrying anything extra with you through the day.

Casual Beanies

Beanie hats have been a staple snow-wear look for years and years. Keeping it casual and classic, many skiers and snow adventurers love to benefit from the warmth and comfort of a beanie hat, whilst enjoying a variety of design options that can really showcase their personal style.

You certainly don’t need to be an extreme sports enthusiast to rock a beanie hat style. From a stroll outdoors to a casual coffee stop, beanie hats strike the perfect balance between warm protection and effortless styling.

Classic Sporting Winter Hats

Classic winter hats can be as individual as you are. Whether you like a chunky tasseled style or a slimline snug fit, your winter headwear look is really in your own hands. Brightly coloured winter hats are traditionally favoured to act as a safety aid in sports with possible low visibility risks. Although they don’t always have to be of the neon variety, patterned and striking hats are ever a popular choice, not only for their stand-out qualities but also because they are a great way to show a little personality against an often-bleak wintry backdrop.

Find your winter headwear hero today

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