Can you imagine the world without different scents, fragrances or aromas? We can’t, and we don’t even want to. Various fragrances make our world so special, they add significance and sometimes deeper meaning to different events. They can even carry memories. Yes, that’s true. Our mind associates events in our lives with certain scents. That’s why sometimes a memory of someone or something pops up in your mind without any reason and you wonder why. And the explanation is simple: you just felt a certain fragrance which in your mind is linked to this event or this person and suddenly, out of the blue, you are thrown back to the past. So, let’s make some great memories with use of sexy and seductive perfumes from our collection.

Our pheromone perfumes in three, utterly feminine variants, are waiting for you to discover and love them with all your heart. These elegant bottles with crystal-shaped tops, each packed nicely in a lovely box, will also make a great and very personal gift for a special woman, so if you are a man looking for ideas and ways to make his woman shine, read on. Visit our website and make sure you add some sexy lingerie to go with your chosen scent:  Below you can learn more about our seductive perfumes and their unique composition.

Be Sexy

If you are sexy and you know it, our Sexy fragrance is exactly what you need to enhance this feature in you. And if you are not that self-confident just yet, let the ethereal pheromones do all the hard work for you. With this subtly oriental, woody scent you will get a wow effect in an instant. All men around you will stop and wonder who’s that girl. And the man you love would lose his head for you, just like he once did in the past. This is our bestseller, alluring and extremely feminine. This seductive scent smells of Moroccan jasmine, tangerine, cashmere wood and white ambergris. Pair it with some lingerie from our sexy line and even the dullest autumn day will seem bright and energized. It’s no secret that pheromone perfumes boost our attractiveness and if we feel attractive, others see us as such. So, do not wait any longer and bring this piece of magic into your life.

Be Spicy

Our Spicy perfume is extremely tempting and has a piquant undertone that subtly highlights your feminine power. It is ideal choice for autumn and winter as it warms you up with its spicy note of Mexican chocolate. The perfect mixture of top, heart and head notes combine ylang-ylang, gardenia, lotus, orchid, bergamot, blackcurrant and Amalfi lemon, just to name a few. These flowery and fruity aromas are nicely mixed with some oriental spices, including sandalwood, patchouli, vanilla and white musk, giving a perfect hot combination that seduces men and makes you feel empowered. Sexy perfumes go well with sexy lingerie to give an even greater effect and this spicy fragrance is designed to match items from our Spicy line of lingerie. This winter season you are about to warm the atmosphere up.

Be Fun

Sexy perfumes are not only boosting your attractiveness and sex appeal, they also can make you feel happy and cheerful. With our floral and fruity Fun fragrance, you become irresistible in no time and your man will go crazy over you in an instant. Add to this some lingerie and accessories from our Fun line and you’re bound to have a whole lot of fun in your bedroom. Just close your eyes and imagine these subtle notes of Damascus rose and orange blossom mixed with those of pear and blackcurrant. This scent is so alluring, especially if you know that we added a solid pinch of gourmand spices to it, like tonka bean, vanilla and praline.

This season try out one of our pheromone perfumes to boost your self-confidence, emphasize your feminine delicacy and overall sexiness. No matter which line you choose, you are about to feel empowered, energized and seductive.

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