Tousled, peekaboo, Bardot or Birkin — make an instant statement with a fringe this year. The hairstylist Luke Hersheson shows you how


The side sweep

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This is more of a “linge” (long fringe) than a full-on fringe. “The lowest maintenance of them all, it’s the perfect first step if you’re unsure about making the chop,” Hersheson says.
Try this: add L’Oréal Professionnel Next Day Hair (£7) to roots for extra volume and a lived-in, bed-head finish.
The fringe factor *

The no-fringe fringe

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“This choppy invisi-fringe is ideal for the commitment-phobe,” Hersheson says. “Display it if you wish, or sweep under the longer layers and tuck behind ears.” Fringe? What fringe?
Try this: spritz Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray (£36) onto roots for a separated, second-day texture. It also keeps flyaways at bay.
The fringe factor

The Bardot do

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A 1970s-inspired cut takes guts. Once you’ve made the chop, you’ll be sporting a similar style every day. “However, it’s the most forgiving,” says Hersheson. And the most painless to grow out. “In fact, it gets better as it gets longer,” he says.
Try this: tuck longer layers behind your ears for a natural bend.
The fringe factor
The blunt chop

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“The Jane Birkin bang is the most daring of them all,” Hersheson says. This sharp, graphic style requires 100% commitment, and you need to be sure you have the confidence to pull it off. Also, it works a treat on large foreheads, he says.
Try this: if your fringe is misbehaving, go over with a GHD V Gold Mini Styler (£119) for a sleek finish.
The fringe factor

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