The new range from celebrity skin doctor Frances Prenna Jones

Face saver: Dr Frances Prenna JonesFace saver: Dr Frances Prenna Jones

Laser show

“I call it the most expensive hobby in the world,” says Dr Frances Prenna Jones of her newly expanded skincare line. The cosmetic dermatologist to many a famous face is renowned for her delicate ways with a needle (Botox, fillers and her latest mesotherapy facial treatments), as well as her skills with a laser. She started her product range almost 10 years ago with Formula 2006, an infusion of antioxidants and vitamins to boost skin health and vitality; it’s still the staple of the line and a stalwart product for many a beauty obsessive. This was followed by cleansers and the complexion-perfecting Refresh 24/7, and now she has created Day Work (£125) and Night Work (£125; Night Work+ for mature skin costs £165), as well as a new lip treatment and an eye cream. The range has striking but simple packaging for unisex appeal. “I pare everything back to make it easy for people,” she says.

She has financed the venture herself, even building her own factory in the countryside close to her Wiltshire home, because she couldn’t find anyone who would agree to create her complicated formulas. She wasn’t prepared to compromise, however. “I am my target audience, and I want something that works on my own face,” she says.

Dr Frances Prenna Jones Night Work+, £165, Eye Work Day, £80, and Lip Work, £25Dr Frances Prenna Jones Night Work+, £165, Eye Work Day, £80, and Lip Work, £25

Her fan base is set to expand, as her skincare range, including the additions, will be on sale outside the confines of her Mayfair clinic for the first time from tomorrow at a pop-up skin bar in Selfridges. It will be manned by her “skin cadets”, all of whom will be dressed in uniforms designed by Prenna Jones herself (she also studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins), who will dispense skincare advice and perform laser treatments. The lasers work by zapping the skin’s fibroblasts (cells in the connective tissue) at a deep level to stimulate collagen and elastin production. With prices from £50 for 15 minutes (redeemable against product purchases), it’s a taster of Prenna Jones’s treatments for a sixth of the cost of an appointment at her clinic, where prices start at £300. The taster menu will have five options, including the Glow Booster, the Breakout and the Morning After, which are all pretty self-explanatory.

As Prenna Jones says: “They are short, fast, efficacious laser treatments, plus there’s no downtime whatsoever — just a quick blast to your fibroblasts to give them get-up-and-go.”

So get up and go to Selfridges if you can.

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