Autumn brings with it colder weather, cooler breezes, extra rain, and falling leaves. With these weather changes so too comes the need to change your wardrobe for a new season. If you aren’t sure what to wear this fall there are just a few things that you need to know.

Old styles are coming back again, especially when it comes to certain fabrics. Plus you always have the timeless layers that scream fall weather. Here are some simple style tips every man can benefit from this autumn when it comes to fashion and being in style.

Looking Layered

The layered look is something that should be on everyone’s wardrobe list when it comes to both fall and winter weather wear. Layers are a great way to go from frigid temps to warmer indoor weather without the need to completely change into a new outfit. You simply remove some layers.


While women have a ton of layering items they can ass to their wardrobe, men should focus more on turtlenecks and sweaters. A turtleneck is a great way to warm up and look stylish, and they pair well with any type of sweater or jacket.

Grab The Corduroy

This year it’s time to welcome back the corduroy pants into your wardrobe. This corded look not only has a vintage feel to it, but they are also thicker to keep your legs far warmer in the chill air. You can find corduroy pants in almost any color, and they look great with t-shirts, polo shirts and sweaters!

Don’t get too nervous if the first thing you picture when you think of corduroy pants are those wide-legged things from the 70s. While it may appear as though the 70s are making a return to fashion, you can find plenty of fitted leg styles.

Fashion Your Feet

It’s time to put away the sandals and pull out the fall footwear. It’s still to warm for winter boots though. You may want to have a pair of mud boots on hand anyway, since fall does often bring some rain and mud.

For the dressy man a pair of slip on loafers looks great with anything from a suit to jeans. If you want something perfect to pair with your corduroy pants look for a pair of throwback sneakers. With those two and a fitted t-shirt you’ll be looking as though you walked straight out of the 70s.

Don’t forget to be prepared for the wet weather with a good raincoat, or at least a stylish umbrella to keep you from getting drenched, whether you are heading to work or out for a night on the town. It can also get a bit windy, so a windbreaker might be well suited in your wardrobe as well.

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