There are a lot of reasons you need to travel to York when you are on holiday or weekend break. Among many tourist attractions, there is a variety of shopping centers that sell items at affordable prices. Here are top 5 shopping outlets you need to visit during your York holidays.

McArthur Glen Designer outlet

It is a one stop destination for designer gear at incredible prices. There are a lot of shops in this indoor shopping space offering a wide variety of designer gear. You can bargain on most of the products available. This barging galore destination is the only one in York offering such wide bargain margins. Once you finish buying stuff, feel free to drop in the restaurant upstairs and gobble some fish and chips.


Its location on the old historical street with a range of shops makes Stonegate a must visit shopping destination for anyone visiting York. It has one of the largest concentrations of antique shops in the town. The shops are always busy but not to the level amounting to traffic so don’t worry about your safety. Take a stroll along the street as you gaze on the beautiful Georgian and Medieval buildings and York hotels lining the outlet.

Hebden Tea Company

All types of tea under the sun have been collected and kept in this magical nest of flavour. There is high chance you will discover it accidentally because they often invite passer-bys inside to sample their tea. Drop here and have a blended iced tea delivered at the corner table, at your convenience.

The cat gallery

The journey to this fascinating gallery starts when you pick a leaflet that guides you through the cat trail in the town complete with quizzes and clues. Inside this shop, there is almost everything related to cats including cat toys, clothes, and cat games among others. It is an excellent spot for cat fanatics. The shopkeepers are friendly to make your shopping meow.

Shambles market

It is a central and popular shopping centre for tourists during York city breaks. It has enormous self-catering stalls offering a wide variety of items such as groceries, flowers, home wares, crafts, and merchandise etc. The foodstuffs sold here are fresh and observe high sanitary standards. Visit any of its more than 80 stalls to buy anything at an affordable price.

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