First of all, congratulations for finally deciding to pop the question. Finding a right way to do it can be quite a challenge, especially for those of you who are not much on romantic side. Society has taught us that proposal should be big so she’ll never forget it, but also personalized. When you think about it, that really is a lot of pressure.

However, luckily for you, there is now a thing called internet, where you can find all the information and tips on how to do it the right way.

The ring

As for many men, for you this is probably the first experience in the world of jewelry. This task is quite overwhelming because, first of all, she will wear it for the rest of her life, and second, the variety of engagement rings is huge so there is a lot of pressure on whether she is going to like it. However, there are a few basic tips that can make this experience a lot easier for you.

First of all, there is budget – forget about the “You have to spend 2 months salary for an engagement ring” rule. What’s truly important is that this ring is the nicest one you can afford and that it comes from your heart.

Second, most men make mistake when it comes to the ring size. This is where your sneakiness gets out. Simply swipe one of her rings while she’s not looking and take it to the jeweler with you.

Next, there is her style – is she a silver, gold or platinum gal? Is she a fan of minimalism or is she all about that bling?

Finally, there are four c’s of a diamond (cut, color, clarity and carat weight) and the ring setting (Tiffany, eternity band, bezel and pave)

The location

The perfect location is the sentimental one. In other words, it can be the restaurant where you two were on your first date, a bench where you had a first kiss etc. This will also symbolize a full circle your relationship has made.

Not just the two of you

Who says that the proposal has to be just between you two? If you are on good terms with her friends and family, they could also be there with you two – for example if you pop the question at a holiday dinner or a gathering of some sort. However, if you want to keep it little more private, have a few of your closest ones out of your view, for example they can look at you from a nearby point, and when she says yes you can call them all in for a round of hugs.


It may seem a little bit odd, but the memories of that will be captured are going to be priceless for both of you. After all, it is the time of technology, why wouldn’t we use it for all purposes not just for fun and work, righy? Your photographer can hide close to the spot and capture some amazing photos. Not to mention that expert photographers know how to use the light and make the setting look 100 times more magical, as well as to position themselves in a way to get a shot of her face when you pop the question. It is going to look fabulous on your wall.

The right time of the day

Even though you’ve probably planned to propose at the end of the night after your romantic dinner or a carriage ride or whatever you have in mind, the best would be to do it earlier in the evening. You will enjoy the night much more and you also won’t be nervous all night. Also, she will be able to show off her ring right away instead of waiting until tomorrow.

Some extras

After the important tasks are done, there are some bonus things you can do as well. For example, if you are planning on asking her parents for a blessing, you can film it and show her the video of it. If she has kids, do the same with them, or with your kids. Next, if you are proposing at home (since not all women are up for public proposals) make sure you cook a sentimental meal and don’t forget to break out the wine.

That would be it. Speak from your heart, look into her eyes and be as confident as you can.

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