We all have our favourite fashion brands that we turn to when we want to make a good impression. Whether it’s a black Nike jumper for casual wear or a good old polo shirt from Ralph Lauren, everyone has their go to brand. However, let’s take a moment and break away from the mainstream brands that have been around for decades and look towards a new and exciting future. There are some new brands that have emerged recently and they are taking street apparel to the next level. For more information on the emergence of these brands, I spoke with retailer Thomas Gun about the rise and rise of street apparel and which brands we should look out for in the future.


Sik Silk

With a logo that’s instantly recognisable and with a style that matches in uniqueness, Sik Silk is fast becoming one of the more sought after brands in the fashion world. From hoodies, shirts, shorts and jumpers, Sik Silk has pretty much everything you could want to carry the style you desire. With a huge variety of designs, this brand is gaining a big reputation for the quality of their clothes and the creativity of their designs.

Chptr and Vrse

Looking for a brand that’s different from the rest? Chptr and vrse has you covered. Known throughout the apparel world as being slightly more eccentric than the others, this brand uses premium graphics and designs to create a new style that has really been seen before. The colours often used are certainly more eye catching than other brands so if you want to stand out from the crowd, this brand is for you!


11 Degrees

Probably the newest of the newcomers in this group is the label 11 Degrees. Created in 2014, this new brand has plenty of support from celebrities and loyal fans who’ve snapped their recent lines rapidly. Their unique designs and well fitted and popular streetwear tee’s combine to create a range of clothes that are suitable for anyone at any time. It’s pretty much an ideal brand and one that’s growing in popularity fast!


Although not strictly founded in the last couple of years or so, AKA clothing is still worth a mention on this list because their lines are seriously impressive. The brand was created and founded in 2006 in the city of Manchester, UK and it’s known throughout the country for its monochromatic colouring and styling. Their ranges are very popular so keep an eye out for new releases frequently!


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