It seems like whether you’re walking down the street, or scrolling on Instagram you can’t help but notice how many beards there seem to be nowadays. They have definitely made a comeback, but don’t be fooled, being clean-shaven is still nothing to be ashamed of!

No matter whether you’re one of those men that would love a thick beard but struggle to achieve the right kind of growth, or you’re one of those men that can’t be bothered to maintain a mountain of facial hair, then listen up because here follows some good advice to follow to make sure you look polished and neat no matter what facial hair look you go for.


If you have truly levelled up your beard game and you already have a bushy and luscious beard then congratulations, the hardest part is over. However, a beard doesn’t look so nice when it is messy and in bad condition so be careful not to completely neglect it.

Quickly combing your beard every day or every other day keeps it tangle free and encourages the hairs to grow downwards. You could also use a beard brush once a week which helps refresh the hair and keep your beard looking full. Don’t think you’re clever by stealing your girlfriend’s hair brush for this, the coarseness of the hairs on your beard means it really isn’t doing the job.

If you are one of those men that suffer from hair loss when trying to grow a beard, or feel that the hairs don’t seem to look good once they get past a certain length, there are some solutions to your struggle. Even though you’re determined to achieve maximum beard growth, you need to accept that it’s going to need a trim every now and then. A trim will help keep the beard healthy and may even encourage quicker hair growth. Just make sure to wash your beard after you’ve trimmed it otherwise those cut-offs will end up everywhere.

Whether you’ve got the beard or you’re working towards it, a specialised shampoo and conditioner is essential. Regular head hair products are not right for a beard as the types of hair are completely different – you need something with extra moisture and intensity to get rid of all the nasty things your beard comes into contact with on a daily basis. If your beard has been looking dry and scraggly, then give these a try. If you are using a beard brush, then be sure to only use it when your beard is dry as the hair has a tendency to fall out when brushed wet.

Clean shaven 

If you’re not a fan of the bearded look, then you are going to need to work to keep that fuzz away. Of course it’s tempting to go to Tesco and grab a pack of those cheap disposable razors that are on offer, but sometimes a little more investment in the razor department can go a long way. Shaving companies and adverts have led you to believe that the more blades the better, but this is not the case. A good shave is achieved through two simple things: a sharp blade and a good lather.

Yes, that is right, just the singular blade. A single-bladed razor is the kind a barber would use on you if you went for a professional shave, but if you don’t feel like splashing out on regular trips there you can actually buy these kinds of razors online easily. They are a little more expensive than what you may be used to spending on a razor, but they are really worth the investment as a good quality model can last for years. Whether you go for a straight or safety razor is up to you and what you feel more comfortable with, but make sure to read or watch some tutorials online before using them to make sure you’re getting the most from them.

A good lather is achieved by using a good shaving cream and a shaving brush. Simple as. By using a shaving brush in circular motions, the hairs will be softened and the cream will be distributed properly.

When shaving, make sure you’re going in the direction the hair grows to avoid nicks and cuts and make sure to tackle your chin hairs last as these take the longest to soften. After you’ve finished shaving, be sure to rinse your face thoroughly with some warm water to get rid of all the stuff left on your face, and then splash your face with the coldest water you can bear. This cold water will close your pores and allow you to safely use some kind of after shave lotion or moisturiser without irritating your skin.

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