By ‘creative’ I’m referring to an activity itself which is creative and not necessarily the idea of it being creative, so you’ll perhaps come across some very familiar ways through which to make money online featured in this post. Otherwise making money on the internet always comes back down to a few options which many people tend to overlook while chasing that mega payday which just doesn’t seem to ever come.

Photography and Image Editing

If you have a half-decent camera and you can dedicate some time to learning how to use the likes of Photoshop or other image editing software, you can make some good money being creative in the images and graphics produced. Sell the images on stock photography websites and just one image could really earn you a lot of money passively.

Creative Writing

The ultimate aim of getting your creative juices to pay off through writing is by getting your content to pay you over and over again. Copywriting pays very little in the online writing sphere and quite frankly it’s uninspiring, so aim for features in fictional publications.

Lifestyle Online Business

If you’re going to try only one creative way of making money online, make it operating a lifestyle business. This means that you can make money doing the things you love doing, like travelling, getting in shape, cooking maybe and even something like gambling. Seriously, if you are indeed an avid gambler and you seek to build an income stream around that, the gist of making money out of it goes right back to what you occupy yourself with — what you spend your time doing. If for instance you practice Blackjack and other games with the view of being an ace at it when you play for real money or when you visit the casino, the strategies you develop will be valuable to a lot of other people thinking along the same lines.

The appropriate lifestyle business would then perhaps be a blog on which you document everything, which could have an e-commerce plug-in added to it or you can sell advertising space on it. The creative side of proceedings is that of the content you generate and when you want to write or produce videos about something you truly enjoy doing, it’s very easy to keep the ideas flowing.

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