Whilst all of us men can enjoy looking sharp in the latest designer brands, as well as getting to grips with some of the more advanced high-tech gadgets, it’s a sad fact that many of our interior design skills can be somewhat lacking.

Whether it’s our busy working lives, or simply our upbringing is up for debate, but with a few simple measures we can all make our homes look stylish and smart no matter what our budget is.

Quality lasts


Like many things, when you’re getting the basic items, it’s important to go for high quality brands that aren’t going to lose value or fall apart in a matter of months. I’m a big fan of Apple products in the hi-tech domain for their style and durability, so when I was looking to update my mattress, I wanted to make sure that I was getting the most technically advanced option possible. A bit of research on the Bedstar website revealed how memory foam mattresses provide a durable level of comfort and support, no matter how heavy the sleeper!

Similarly, I’m a big fan of the minimalist ethos in interiors which means that by getting just a few high-quality items you will add a touch of elegance and definition to your home. I love The Minimalist Home’s feature on stylish transparent ghost chairs that are not only highly-modernist, but impressively long-lasting too.

Mid-century cool


The success of TV shows like Mad Men has done much to bring about a revival of mid-century aesthetics. This aesthetic can be summarised by featuring modernist furniture, along with bold colours and an impressive use of metallics that is somehow space-age, yet quirkily retro at the same time.

This cool Texas loft space gets the mid-century look just about right with its perfect mix of striking wall art perfectly complemented by the chic and handsomely-designed furniture. And whilst we might not all be able to afford the mid-century charms of X-Men star James Marsden’s effortlessly cool house, it definitely delivers a much-needed dose of inspiration to us men who are still stuck in the student house design nightmare.

And finally, just to prove that the mid-century look doesn’t have to be too expensive, this Californian loft space gets the perfect balance of deluxe and down-home. The carefully-thrown together textures of wood, metal and soft fabrics show that with just a little imagination, any of us can quickly and easily get that stylish interior of our dreams.

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