Winter is coming, and with it the need to ensure your wardrobe is ready to keep you looking good and feeling warm come rain, wind or snow. Here are ten essential items every guy should have to hand for the Autumn/Winter season this year…

Rollneck Sweater

Also known as a turtleneck, for obvious reasons, and popularised by Sterling Archer (star of the FX show Archer) as a vital component of his spying modus operandi – “I mean, I didn’t invent the turtleneck, Lana, but I was the first to recognize its potential as a tactical garment. The tactical turtleneck, Lana. The… tactleneck!” – this is an endlessly versatile garment: pair thin rollnecks with a suit, or smart slacks, chunkier versions with leather jackets, jeans, even combats. It gives comfort and elegance, allowing you to dress it up or down with ease, and adequately replicates the job of a scarf in keeping your neck protected from the elements.

Tweed Suit

The height of country glamour, tweed suits have come back with a bang over the last few years, frequently seen at weddings in particular. Earthy colours that look hyper-stylish for outdoors affairs, affordable accessories and insulating properties make a tweed suit a must. Dobell suits feature a wide range of suit styles, waistcoats, ties and hats from a variety of prestigious manufacturers.

Patterned Knitwear

The ironic Christmas jumper is relegated to the past now, but a loud pattern still looks great for roasting chestnuts on the fire, watching a bonfire burn or throwing back a few seasonal ales in the bar. Make it really pop by surrounding your jumper with more sober clothing such as plain trousers and jacket. Check is back again this year, a major staple of the grunge movement of course, but don’t wear it too sloppily this time around. Check can be employed in everything from suits to overcoats and sweaters.


There are hats to suit every taste but for keeping your ears warm during the colder months of the year, few things beat a stylish beanie. Go for a discreet plain colour, a vibrant pattern, or even a bobble – okay, that’s technically a bobble-hat but most guys would probably prefer not to describe it as that.


Belted Trench Coat

Every man needs at least one warm overcoat to see him through the winter, but sometimes it’s raining or overcast, without being all that cold, rendering a heavy coat impractical.
For this type of weather, look no further than the iconic belted trench coat – think John Constantine, Humphrey Bogart, Alain Delon – collar up, fedora on – this is a seriously cool look.

Aran Sweater

The Aran Sweater was born out of necessity, in Irish coastal communities where the unscoured wool allowed it to retain useful waterproof properties. Every pattern tells a different story, and they look good matched with anything from denim jacket to jeans and wellies at a festival.

Wellie Boots

Speaking of wellies, even if you’re not looking at a hard winter of farmwork ahead, you should still be equipped with a decent pair to cope with a rainy Sunday in the park, or a walk along the beach on a blustery weekend away. Get a pair that fits well so they don’t come off in the mud, sturdy and high up the leg. Look for breathable materials that won’t leave your feet feeling ‘gungy’. Wellies come in many colours and patterns but let’s be honest, it’s hard to go wrong with classic bottle green.


Strictly speaking you need three really – a couple of small ones, for your desk drawer at the office and the glove compartment in the car, when unexpected stormclouds threaten, and a larger one to keep by the front door at home. Bright patterns make you a distinctive presence in the crowd, easy to find for friends seeking shelter.


With a scarf you can go for form or function, but if you live in a colder climate then your main concern is going to be warmth, so stick with either wool or cashmere. The length and type of material will determine how you tie it. Nothing wrong either with adding a splash of colour to brighten up an outfit, whether you’re wearing it with a chunky greatcoat or a tweed suit.


Fingerless, leather, thick wool – gloves come in every style and material suitable for any kind of conditions. Get a waterproof pair for snowball fights, a breathable pair for day-to-day use, and avoid wool if you’re going to be holding sparklers.

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