With spring around the corner, the days are finally getting longer and warmer and we start to feel more energized and rejuvenated. We want to have fun and enjoy every aspect of life. Everything around us awakens back to life after gloomy winter, and so do we. Spring is always a new beginning not only for the nature but for us as well and it is a great idea to use it as an excuse to go about our everyday lives in a different way. It is also the best time to think of bringing some excitement back to our bedrooms. Think of some ways to increase the pleasure that you and your partner derive from intimate moments. Change your daily schedule to include more intimacy and fun. Plan to spend some time in the outdoors where you can recharge your batteries and start a prolonged foreplay. The best way to do this is by wearing some sexy lingerie. This is a great opportunity to buy some new pieces to compliment your figure. Remember that each season brings new trends in lingerie. So, stay fashionable and feel good about yourself. This is certainly a reward you deserve. 

What will work on men this spring?

Remember that for men a little mystery is always more exciting than complete nudity. You, wearing a sexy, feminine lingerie, will make his heart beat faster in an instant. If you’d like to spice up your erotic life, just buy sexy lingerie, trying to mix and match various pieces together, depending on your shape and mood. When it comes to lingerie, you need to carefully choose the right style for you to make sure that it highlights all your curves and assets, hiding any eventual imperfections. As we mentioned, each season brings new trends in lingerie, but choose wisely to make sure that you look fashionable and amazingly sexy at the same time.

If your butt is well shaped, be not afraid and opt for scanty thong panties. But briefs and boyshorts may be equally enticing, especially when worn by more curvaceous females. Men are big fans of push-up bras that build plump cleavage. However, this spring you might want to introduce him to delicate, triangle bras that gently envelop your bust, giving it a sexy, natural look. If you want to spice up your relationship, do not hesitate and enrich your wardrobe with new lingerie items.

Brings some light to your life  

People usually think that January 1st, marking the border between old and new year, is the best day to start on a new path, so they set some resolutions and goals to be achieved. The truth is, January is usually gloomy and cold, and we lack energy and stamina to stay committed to those goals. It is way better to wait until winter is gone and forgotten. Not surprisingly spring is ideal moment for changes and for action. You just do what the whole Nature does: you wake up back to life. And what is a better way to highlight the new vital energy, than getting some spring lingerie? Go on a shopping spree and buy yourself some feminine and delicate lingerie to mark the new beginning. Choose white lacy thongs and matching bras. Or highlight the inner power you feel with some sexy red bra and panties. This spring’s trends in lingerie include girly frills and inspiring mesh. Remember that red and black are two colors that simply work miracles on men. So, if you want to heat up the atmosphere in your bedroom, wear a daring lingerie and let him see a totally refreshed side of you. You can find a lot of inspirational lingerie sets ideal for spring seducing right here: https://obsessive.com/euro_en/products/sets/bras-and-bottoms.

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