While it is a dream of many to have a June Wedding, warm days and long nights require you to plan smart when it comes to picking your outfit. It’s usually hard for women to go wrong as they can easily get away with a figure-flattering A-line dress in season’s favourite color or print; things are not that easy for men.  Even though summer offers ample opportunity to showcase your personal styling, it’s way to challenging to look on point in a summer wedding with the mercury hitting a whooping 100-degrees.

Whether you’re planning for your summer wedding or are going to be invited to one, this guide is to help you select the perfect summer wedding attire.


When You are the Groom

It’s your big day but before you get dressed in all-white linen suit and shirt you better consult your ‘other half’ about what she has in mind for the occasion. Start planning in advance. Besides, there are two factors you need to consider to plan your dress, such as:

  • The location of the wedding
  • Next comes the dress code you are looking to set

Note: These are the most important details for both the groom and the guests to plan appropriate summer wedding attire.

For traditional morning dress, you can opt for a cutaway (the most formal version) or a less formal morning suit. If you want to keep it semi formal, a suit-like stroller is a perfect replacement for the more traditional morning tailcoat. Remember that perfect fit and proper accessories play crucial role to look elegant and sophisticated in your wedding daywear.

Wedding Night 1: Formal Setting

If it is a formal wedding setting, go with a tuxedo or a suit. In fact, a tux is a better option as you not only look more put together but can also wear it for formal occasions. Just don’t forget to get it professionally tailored.


Alternatively, you can wear a well-tailored suit. The trick is to get one that’s unlike your standard formal suits. For example, you can opt for a three-piece suit with peak or shawl lapels, subtle patterning, single vents, elegant one buttons and so on. It must be different from the other suits in your collection.

In terms of color, stick to black, grey or navy. They look very elegant with a crisp white French cuff dress shirt. To look on point pair it up with a solid neutral tie, a pair of black Oxfords, a white pocket square and a pair or nice and elegant cufflinks.


Focus on Details

It’s crucial to focus on details, not just for the suit but also on other pieces. For example, white shirt is a norm when it comes to wedding attire. Why not swap it for a light pastel shade that matches the surroundings of your relaxed summer wedding. Light greens, pinks and blues go well with almost all monochromatic suit choices. You can also buy such custom shirts online and they are good to go with any other suits in your collection to wear time and again.

Similarly, wear a pattern tie in bold colors to make a strong statement. The trick is to keep just one piece bold than the rest. For example, do not try the shirt and the tie thing all at once.

Wedding Night 2: Smart-Casual Settings

Today many couples are opting for a laid-back wedding setting such as a beach wedding. For such a wedding it is crucial to look put-together without being over the top. A smart-casual wedding setting calls for attire like a simple shirt with an interesting pair of trousers and a tie.

You trousers play a vital role in such attire. Opt for something in a seersucker, houndstooth, Prince of Wales check, or madras. Alternatively, you can go with a good old fashioned waistcoat to look more put-together. Mismatch is in trend for grooms and groomsmen these days; so you can wear a waistcoat that doesn’t match your trousers.


If you still want to add a jacket, go with a blazer and stick to a tailored item with an interesting pattern. Keep everything else simple and limit your color and pattern choice to pastel blue, navy plaid, dusty yellow and grey micro-check.

Many are teaming up jeans up with casual jacket while others are seen wearing shorts for a hot summer look. The choice is limitless, you just need to get creative and keep the basic guidelines of wedding attire in mind.

What to Avoid

Here are a few UNFORGIVABLE faux pas you need to avoid for your wedding. No weird, hideously patterned waistcoat and tie combination the likes of which include gold or embroidered with floral patterns. In fact, no florals please unless it is a Hawaii wedding you have in mind.


When You are the Guest

Well, lucky you! Things are not going to be as difficult for you as our groom. The Golden Rule to follow is: Do not steal the day away from the bride and groom. They will never forgive you. But don’t be disheartened as well; you can still look stylish without crossing the line.

The first rule to follow is to wear something seasonal, something in cotton, linens or tropical wools. A tailor-made khaki suit, for example, is perfect summer wedding attire for guests. Pick one in cotton/linen blend and combine it with some neutral pieces like crisp white dress shirt and a solid monochrome tie.


A subtle grey check suit is also a good alternative. Stripes are equally good; however, opt for a subtle color and make sure your shirt or accessories compliment the look. Keep the overlook look minimal, something that’s not harsh to eyes.

Similarly, be experimental with your shirt choice. Although white or blue dress shirt is more common for wedding guests, there are always room to add some pastel shades. Grey, khaki, pink or lavender dress shirts look great with suits and tuxedos.

Finally, it’s time to focus on the accessories. Improve your style points with some interesting patterns, textures and colors in your ties and pocket square. Colorful polka and monochromatic Gingham checks can breathe new life to your old suit; but again, keep everything else simple.

Final Words

When planning a wedding dress, weather you are the groom, the best man or a guest, it is important to consider the dress code, location, and weather. You don’t want to be overdressed or under-dressed for the occasion and at the same time look weather-appropriate. Also, keep the social decorum in mind, especially if you are a guest. Stealing attention away from the happy couple is still a crime against humanity.

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