When creating the club uniform of your team you will want to find affordable options that do not compromise on quality. There are unfortunately a lot of sports tie manufactures out there who push a product that you will have to replace once the seasons out. To help you make an informed choice here are 4 signs that your sports team tie is good quality.

  1. The stitching is secure

Your sports team will never be able to give a good first impression if their ties are frayed with loose threads. When you are buying your sports team ties make sure you check the stitching. A good tie manufacturer will make sure they use a thick thread that stands the test of time.

  • The printing does not wash out easily

Whilst you do not wash ties that often if you have a low-quality sports tie you may start to notice the dye print fading over time. This may result in parts of the design coming off which may affect the branding of your sports team. Keep an eye out for this as it may lead to you having to order new ties for your club.

  • The sports team tie uses high-quality materials

One easy way to spot lower quality sports ties is to see what material is used. Cheaper ties will use a lot of polyesters which can wear easily over time and does not have the quality feel of silk or cotton.

  • The pattern is symmetrical and matches well

Another way to tell if your sports club tie has been manufactured with care is to look at the pattern. Does it match up on both sides of the tie? If not it may be a sign that your sports team tie has not been created with consideration for symmetry.

Find a supplier who can deliver you high quality sports team ties

Well manufactured sports team ties will help your club to appear professional when attending away days. This can be a vital part of making your team attractive to sponsors. To maximise this opportunity make sure you find a manufacturer for your club ties that has a proven track record of delivering excellent products.

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