You probably have no problem meeting those demands, but the life of the modern-day man definitely comes with more demands from a lot more areas of society. In fairness some of those daily demands to be met are ones which you place on yourself and there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with trying to make sure you look the part whenever you go to work, go out for the night or attend a work function. There is nothing wrong with setting certain financial goals and then demanding some dedication and hard-work of yourself to try and achieve those goals.


You probably already work relatively hard to try and achieve all the life-goals you’ve set for yourself, but we all know how fatigue and burnout can really conspire to get into the way of your progress. We’re not talking about the occasional early morning, pre-coffee yawn here; neither are we talking about that midday sugar craving you get as your body’s way of letting you know it needs a slight energy boost to get you through the rest of the working day. What we’re talking about here is that empty feeling you get inside, where you operate like a zombie as a result of being physically and mentally drained. If indeed you’re a modern man with the average amount of modern-day demands placed on the average modern-day man, there is no escaping this feeling, which for some people comes around more often than they’d like. Furthermore, this zombie-like state of being doesn’t have the best timing because it’ll engulf you at the worst of times, like when you still have a mountain of work to get through.

Getting things done when you do indeed feel like a zombie requires you to employ some mind-games, making effective use of your own body’s built-in biological and psychological regulatory functions. What exactly does this mean though?

In the same way that your mind plays tricks on you, so can you turn the tables around and play tricks on your mind. Think about how you suddenly “need to go” more urgently the closer and closer you get to the loo, when your need to go wasn’t as urgent a few seconds ago. Turning the tables on that type of mind-power is as easy as tricking your mind into thinking it has less to do at that particular point in time. If for instance you have some work to do, eliminate one aspect of the task you have to complete and focus on the remaining, less-demanding aspect. Using the example of a blogger or copywriter, when you have work to complete and you feel like a zombie, focus on perhaps doing the researching part of the job and then perhaps draw a mind-map instead of turning attention to the more mentally-taxing part of the job, like the actual writing of the final, error-checked and proof-read draft.

These mind-tricks are very effective and come in a number of different forms. Something as simple as playing bingo online at Landmark Bingo, for example, could work wonders in simulating a well-deserved night out and a relaxing time to refresh your mind so that you can get back to work, when in actual fact you never ventured beyond your living room.

A simple change of clothes as part of a real effort to “dress down” can also work well to recharge your batteries and help you get your work done when you’re drained and feel like a zombie.

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