You’re a man now, it’s time to act like it. And just as important, it’s time to dress like it. You have to be aware of what you put on you for every occasion. In this article we will talk about footwear options for your night out, depending on the occasion you’re attending. Just as you can’t wear flip flops to a romantic dinner, you can’t wear oxfords for a beach party. So let’s see which footwear is recommended for the most popular night out events.

1. Romantic dates


If you planned a getaway in the city with your spouse or girlfriend, or even if it’s your first date with a woman you fancy, a romantic night out should find you as sharp as possible. Besides a well-tailored suit, it’s important to wear shoes that go well with it. The best option for such a night out are the classic oxfords. Make sure to match the colours of the shoes and laces with your suit, and whatever you do- don’t wear white socks  with this outfit.

2. Boys night out


If you have a group of good close friends with whom you can be yourself, a night out can get a little wild. For these occasions you don’t have adopt a “dress to impress” style, so besides the classic jeans and t-shirt look, you can go for a pair of trainers. When you’re out with the boys, everything is about feeling good and relaxed, so why stress your feet out?

3. Holiday parties

If you’ve worked hard all year, you probably  want to spend your holiday in an exotic place. Loosen up a little bit and choose a beach party instead of a crowded club in some fancy resort- but beware of sand in your trainers! For a beach party during your vacation, the last thing you need to think about is what shoes you will wear. Go with something comfortable, but don’t overthink it, because you will lose your shoes as soon as the party starts in some countries.

4. Clubbing

In case you want to go clubbing, you should know that hundreds of people will be there and the change of having someone step on your shoes is high. That’s why you have to go for dark colored shoes that won’t show dirt. On top of that you need something resistant, because the last thing you need is a broken toe when you’re on the pull. Black or brown combat boots are your best option. On top of that, they will make you look very cool and manly.

5. Concerts

If you have a concert in your schedule, you should be prepared to stand for many hours, mostly all night. Standing can get annoying after a while, especially when you are tired and you have to go for something comfortable that will allow you to have a good posture, so that your back, legs and feet won’t start hurting. The best option for this kind of events are the platform wedge booties. On top of the fact that you will be comfortable standing, you will also be tall enough to see over any foot high mohican or beehive in your way!

There are many other footwear options you can chose for many different occasions, but these are the most often events you will come across and you have to know what your best options are. Think about both the style and comfort.

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