In years gone by, grooms had a limited choice when it came to their wedding ring. Often a plain band in yellow gold, this was the norm for the majority who stood at the alter to wait for their bride.


Times have changed and jewellery designers now cater for all tastes in wedding rings for men. Different metals, the addition of diamonds and intricate styles such as bands of different colours and fretwork all make up the contemporary look and every man can now choose a ring which reflects their personality as much as the symbolism of the occasion it represents.

Diamonds are forever

Once only seen in jewellery for women, diamonds are now very much a unisex gemstone and many men wear pieces which have a glittering array of stones.

Wedding rings Houston or globally-based specialists sell are no different and choices include a small simple stone set into the band, a simple line of tiny pave diamonds through to a glittering band of beautifully cut diamonds which really do shout wedding bling.

Modern metals

For decades the only metal the majority of men wore for their wedding band was yellow gold. Symbolic, simple, classic but lacking originality this choice has now changed in that just about any metal used in the jewellery industry generally can – and will be used in a wedding ring.

As well as the traditional yellow gold, there are rings now fashioned from white or rose gold and platinum. Silver is growing in popularity and for those on a budget or want a more industrial look, then tungsten or even stainless steel is a worthwhile choice.

Classic shapes go contemporary

Grooms wanting a classic, plain band with a slight twist could opt for the ring itself being shaped a little differently. Traditionally, wedding rings have a soft edge but a square-edged ring is a very contemporary choice, particularly when teamed with a white metal. Comfort curve rings are flat on the inside of the ring but curved on the outside which gives a snug fit with the look of the classic design.

Width of the ring

The width of a wedding ring is a combination of personal taste and comfort. The average wedding ring for a man is 5-7mm but some like to have a piece of jewellery which really stands out size-wise. If this is you, then check it’s comfortable to wear and it’s not too near the knuckle. Also consider how the ring will feel when at work; anyone who has a job using their hands all day may find a very wide wedding ring difficult to wear.

Gemstones to choose from

If the ring is to include a gemstone – or a row of them – it’s important to choose one which is hard wearing and isn’t prone to damage, scratches and dinks. The hardest gemstone in the world is the diamond but if you want something different or want to combine with coloured stones then look at sapphires (all colours, not just blue) and rubies. The one to really avoid is opal as it’s very soft in gemstone terms and could quick become cracked or even worse, smash into pieces through daily wearing.

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