We all know how expensive fashion mistakes can be. Chances are you have prices hanging in your closet that were great buys in the store, but once home, the fit wasn’t flattering, you had nothing to wear with it or no place to wear it. Trying to be too trendy or sticking with the same style for years can both lead to fashion mistakes. Developing your own sense of fashion takes time. You have to be comfortable with your body and trust your own tastes. As you go through this transition, know that the two most important things to wear that will make you glow in any outfit are a genuine smile and a relaxed self-confidence.

bag-cute-fashion-girl-stylStart with the basics.  Develop a collection of quality cosmetics to be used sparingly with every outfit. You’re the star – not your make up or clothing.  A solid rule of thumb for makeup application is to either accent the lips or the eyes – not both. Whether you work in an office, retail or manufacturing environment will play a large role in your wardrobe selections.  The key is to begin to acquire classic pieces that will be flattering to your figure and stand the test of time. These are often referred to as anchor pieces in a wardrobe. Typically, these include a structured, solid color jacket, well-fitting jeans, a tailored skirt and classic black trousers. With these anchor pieces in place, you can begin to add more fashionable items.  If you’re determined to follow fashion trends without breaking the bank, accessories are the answer. A trendy scarf, fashionable pocketbook, and costume jewelry can all update any outfit without the need to spend heavily on pieces that will go out of style in one season.  Shoes can also update any outfit. The key to lasting shoes is purchasing the best quality and fit you can afford. Your feet will thank you!

Follow these tips for developing your own style and a wardrobe that has anchor pieces that can endure the wildest of fashion trends.  Remember, the genuine smile and relaxed self-confidence are your greatest wardrobe pieces. Have fun!

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