How much do you shell out for an everyday t-shirt? Back in 2013, rapper Kanye West partnered with French brand A.P.C to launch a clothing range. Included was a plain white t-shirt with a rather hefty price tag of $120! Despite its cost, the t-shirt sold out.

Mens-White-TShirtIf you thought that price tag was big, spare a thought for the buyer of the Superlative Luxury t-shirt, which was auctioned for $405,000 in aid of UNICEF. It was for a good cause though and the shirt did feature 16 certified-handset diamonds.

However, a stylish t-shirt needn’t cost the earth. In fact, to look good, it’s all about how you style it. Follow our top tips below to get your look right:

Avoid slogans at smarter occasions

If you’re heading out for dinner or a few drinks, a t-shirt can be the perfect base for a smart-casual ensemble. Simply pair with a tailored blazer and trousers for an elegant look that’s relaxed enough for your occasion.

However, you should always avoid slogan t-shirts for more formal occasions. Whether it features your favourite movie quote or a cheeky graphic, the t-shirts are better suited to casual trips to the pub or visits to the shops.

Choose the right fit

When choosing a t-shirt, you should consider its fit. Decide which part of your torso you’re most proud of and choose a style that will flatter your best bits. For example, if you want to put your biceps on display, select a t-shirt with a shorter sleeve. Similarly, your toned stomach can be emphasised with a fitted shirt.

Department stores like House of Fraser have a large selection of t-shirts available, so you can find the best style to suit your shape.

Keep it simple

When shopping for a new t-shirt, it’s often the simplest pieces that are the most iconic. Black, white and grey shirts are ideal choices, as they can be paired effortlessly with a range of jeans and jackets. However, remember that black t-shirts can often fade and white ones can start to turn grey after a few washes, so you may need to rebuy after a few months. Because of this, it’s often wise to buy your basic t-shirts from the high street.

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