Most men find it pretty hard to buy the perfect gifts for their girlfriends or wives because the ladies have many tastes, personal styles and preferences. Some follow specific fashion trends while others are less into fashion and more into the practical side of life. Trends shift from one season to another even in the smartphones, cars, and cameras department, making it even harder to find a gift that will keep your beloved lady happy for more than one year.

Of course, you will never go wrong with chocolate, but we think you can do better than that. So let’s see together six perfect gifts that are timeless and bound to make her happy for many years in a row. Or for a lifetime.

Small Things, Long-Term Value

1. A Stylish Wristwatch


Don’t go for the latest hi-tech smart watch on the market, as technology trends come and go faster than clothes styles. Pick a classy wristwatch to match her taste and let her style it up according to each year’s trends: she can change the bracelet, stack it with statement bracelets, and wear it simply or with other pieces of jewellery and so on. Wrist watches will never go out of fashion and make elegant accessories for any occasion.

2. A Little Black Dress


From Coco Chanel to the last woman to walk the Earth, the little black dress will always be a valuable asset. If you know her size and personal tastes, you will never go wrong with a little black dress. It can be a slim fit one, an elegant lace one, a sporty mini one and so on. She will be able to style a little black dress forever with the trendiest accessories and look stunning no matter where she goes.

3. A Cross Body Purse


She probably has a truck full of purses in her dressing, but you know women and bags: they mate for life. A cross body purse is an essential piece she will surely wear and cherish for a very long time. They are practical and stylish at any age and go great with casual outfits, sporty outfits, and even business attires. A cross body purse is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe and if you pick a timeless colour and fabric, you will never go wrong.

4. Nude Stiletto Shoes


If you want to step up your game and really make an impression, go for a pair of nude high heeled stilettos. You need to know her size and pick ones in her skin tone. Nude shoes are here to stay for a very long time, as they make the perfect footwear: they make a woman’s legs look slimmer and longer and they go with absolutely anything in terms of fashion, tastes, outfits, colour schemes and personal styles.

Big Things, Lifetime Value

1. Pearl Jewellery


We didn’t mean big in size, but big in value. Pearl jewellery is timeless and forever elegant. You will never go wrong with unique white pearls jewellery set with necklace, bracelet and studs. She can wear the pieces together, separately and mixed with other accessories. Pearls make a terrific sentimental and financial investment and they will put a smile on her face for any event or occasion from here on end – including your silver anniversary or your daughter’s wedding.

2. Diamond Jewellery


Yes, we went that far and so should you. Go beyond the saying that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and think about them as timeless, extremely valuable stones that will accompany her for the rest of her life. Be them small diamond studs, a classy diamond ring or a discrete and refined diamond pendant, this precious gem will make all jewellery trends and innovations take a step back, as diamonds will forever be a good investment and a fashion icon.


A Dream Vacation


Taking your lady by surprise and offering her a lovely vacation or a city break somewhere she likes or dreams of visiting is an evergreen gift that will never get old, boring or out of style. If she loves to travel or to discover new places, if she has a special place in her heart she wants to see with her very own eyes, just take her there. For some women, such gift is even more precious than diamonds and clothes.

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