Every New Year rings in the promise of a brand new day with: new goals, renewed fervour, new wish lists, new brands, new innovations & technologies and new trends….

The runway being no exception to the rule… it’s also a time when the fashionistas set a new diktat for the year…one that becomes binding in stone. You defy that and well let’s say you’re trending for the wrong reasons!

Custom shirts are a concept that is no longer alien to the man who wants well-fitted, tailored- to-perfection shirts that spell panache & class.

Vitruvien takes this one step ahead by providing access to the latest trends in bespoke menswear from fabric, patterns, styles and colours.

Clothes make a man, but the fabric defines you!

So here’s your MUST-have FABRICS in 2017:

  1. Jacquard & Fil-coupe Fabrics 

Prints are passé. Jacquards and fil coupé, their luxury bretheren are to watch out for this year. 

Dating back to the 1800s the Jacquard loom was an innovation of Joseph Marie Jacquard. This loom can weave fabrics with intricate & unique patterns. There are many different kinds of jacquard fabrics such as damask, brocade used across exclusive apparels. 

Fil-coupé is a technique used in luxury apparels in which the threads are cut in such a way so as to create a embroidered motif. 

We recommend Jacquard & Fil-coupe custom shirts to smarten up your 2017 look book. From a casual dinner to a night at the club, sport this subtle square patterned Fil-coupé shirt.

To spice up the mood, try out this unique elephant motif on navy blue with a classic collar worn equally well with or without a beige evening jacket.

For a more casual look, try this palm tree motif on solid white with a button down collar, worn tucked out over a pair of chinos.

  1. Casual Grindle Fabrics 

This year, checks are making a rentry into the fashion scene, albeit with a slight twist.

Grindle is a specially manufactured textured yarn, which when woven into a fabric lends a wonderfully soft textured look to the fabric. Despite it being cotton it lends a worsted /woollen effect that makes it a perfect choice for fall and winter. The lighter colors of grindle, can also make for all season wear.

Opt for a chic version of the gingham look with a red checked grindle shirt, worn with a button-down collar, tucked into a pair of denims. You can also opt for solid coloured grindle-weave shirts in beige, gray, white, pale shades of pink and blue.

  1. Digital Printed Fabrics 

When you think digital you think tee-shirts…but that’s where the analogy ends. There is so much more character to digital prints. Sharp, complex & refined, digital prints lend a certain air of uniqueness and exclusivity unmatched by other printed fabrics. 

A great hit with social dos and evening parties, surprise yourself with a digitally printed floral Egyptian Giza cotton round bottom shirt, with a mandarin collar. Tuck it out for a lounge look or tuck it in for a more semi-casual luncheon with friends. 

And if you’re the one who loves kick-starting a great party….sport this white full-sleeved shirt with dark mini hat prints. Customize it with a spread collar, tucked out on a pair of slim-fit denims and sneakers… better still accessorize with a cool, funky hat.

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