In the past, women have been able to enjoy much more freedom with haircuts and styling. Men may have felt limited by having few choices to change their look and image. Fortunately, in recent years, men’s haircuts have crossed divides and become incredibly interesting and different. You may not be ready to do something as intense as a mohawk, but there are several hairstyles that can really change up your look while keeping you presentable for work. Included here are a few of the best modern hairstyles for men.

The Pompadour

A classic cut, the pompadour hairstyle revels in long hair on the top with shorter hair on the sides; this means you will be required to do a bit of styling in the morning to get some body and height to the top of the hair. Some famous people who sported the pompadour hairstyle were Elvis Presley, Cary Grant and James Dean. While the pompadour can be varied depending on the look you pursue, the modern version usually cuts the hair on the sides of your head very short while keeping the top long and styled.

The Top Knot (or Man Bun)

As old as the ancient Samurai warriors, the top knot has long been a powerful look for men. While difficult to pull-off, if you have the style and dedication it can make you formidably handsome. Celebrities who have rocked the man bun with its masculine twist include Jason Mamoa, Orlando Bloom, and David Beckham.

The Fade

For those inspired by military cuts, the Fade is an easy way to integrate clean cuts with a bit of style. Stylists will buzz the head around the sides but leave the top slightly longer, depending on taste. The Fade is an ideal hairstyle for individuals in professional work who are hoping to integrate style and fashion. Hotshots who have worn this look well include Brad Pitt, Shemar Moore and George Clooney.

The Undercut

Recently, the Undercut has risen in fame as a highly stylized statement haircut. With Macklemore rocking this long top flopped over short sides haircut, it is easy to see how it has become popular with countless fans and young professionals. Other celebrities who were able to work Macklemore’s flawless groomed cut include Cristiano Ronaldo, Ciro Immobile and Travis Cadeau.

The High-and-Tight

Definitely a flashback to some classic Prohibition days, this hairstyle is not for the faint of heart. Your hair will need to be straight naturally, and you will need to be prepared to spend some time combing and gelling each morning. Famous folks rocking these locks include Tom Hardy, Leonardo DiCaprio and George Clooney (in “O Brother, Where Art Thou).

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