In today’s world, men have replaced power tools with gadgets. That’s a fact and it doesn’t make men any less manly than their fathers. The simple fact that men are using gadgets more than they use hand drills, hammers and saws means that the things a man must do nowadays are different from what they had to do in the past. So, to make things clear, we’re not talking here about boys who use their iPhones, iPads or Macs as expensive Facebook machines. This article is not about the gadgets of the “men” who spend all their time on social media, running after Likes and Comments. This article is about the gadgets that help real men do their work and stay in touch with their projects.


The best gadgets for the modern man

These new tools might seem like modern and expensive toys, but they are useful devices that can provide for a man. These are things needed by any modern worker, who wants to become or already is a professional in his field. So, when you are thinking about buying a new gadget, think about its utility and now how it will look in your hand or on your desk. It’s ok to buy expensive gadgets, as long as they are going to pay off for themselves. As a man, you only need to think about gadgets that will come in handy. I’m not talking only about gadgets you have to use for your work. There are many modern tools that will improve your skills, help you learn new things, relax you or make you organize your work and your life in the most efficient way. Here are the most popular gadgets for productive men:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • iPods and MP3 Players
  • eBook Readers
  • Laptops
  • Good Quality Desktops


Steve Jobs with the hero and one of my favourite pieces of modern tech.
Steve Jobs with the iPhone…my hero and one of my favourite pieces of modern tech.

Besides great gadgets, you will also need useful software and applications. Depending on your field, the work will require different software, but always choose quality over low prices. A common thing for all professional men are the apps that will help you organize your work.


What’s the main gadget of the professional man?

The ultimate gadget of the modern, hardworking and productive man is the Mac computer, by Apple. Usually associated with powerful marketing and rich college boys, these gadgets are way more than that. If you pay attention to professionals, creative and successful people, they all have one thing in common: an Apple Mac on their desk. Not because these people would care about their image, even if the image is important for a professional. It’s mainly because the Mac computers are amazing gadgets that will help you do our work faster and better. The Mac computer was first introduced to the market back in 1984, by no other than Steve Jobs himself. It was the first personal computer to have a graphic interface and a mouse.

If you want a simpler analogy for why Mac computers are so much popular between productive men, think about this. PC are computers used by regular 9 to 5 workers in cubical office. In the same time. Mac computers are used by the men with cornet offices, skilled designers, talented musicians or any other job that requires creativity and lots of sleepless nights. In the following paragraphs you will be able to read more about why this people are choosing Mac over PCs.


So cool my GRANDAD has one (hence the crappy tablecloth and curtains ha ha!)
So cool my GRANDAD has one (hence the crappy tablecloth and curtains ha ha!)

The reasons for which you should go for a Mac

There are thousands of reasons for which the modern man should choose a Mac computer over a PC as their main gadget. But we don’t have time or patience to present them all. It’s best if you discover them on your own, because the sweet feeling of knowing you get better at your work because of this gadget will make you feel the thrills of achievement.  But here are the top three reasons for which a Mac computer should be your next gadget.

  1. Unpacking experience

Unless any other computer on the market, the Mac will come in an incredibly nice package. The box it comes in is so nicely design that you will be tempted to keep it as a piece of furniture. But this is only the first great thing you will get from a new and shiny Mac computer.

  1. Durability

It’s not official and often said, but my opinion is that PC computer are designed to break or get worse over time. I think that’s their way of assuring a constant sales flow. On the other hand, a Mac is designed to work forever. These computers are manufactured to work for a long time. Both the hardware and the software will thrive throughout the years. You will only need to change a Mac because your work will evolve, technolo

gy will evolve and a new gadget with greater features will be needed. But you will be able to turn on your old Mac after years of not using it and it will run perfectly.

  1. Reliability

One of the best things a Mac offer is the stress-free operating system. You won’t be needed to reinstall it twice a year, like in the case of Windows and it’s not as complex as a Linux. The Apple OS is something between these two operating systems. The latest OS of Apple for Mac computers is Yosemite and it’s more than perfect. Besides, once a new OS comes out, you won’t have to buy it, because Apple offers free OS updates to all their clients.



Bottom line, a Mac by Apple is worthy. Even if its price can be twice or three times higher than what you paid for your current PC, your desktop computer will never do what a Mac does. In the long run, you will actually save money, because the Mac devices come with OS included, free professional software and free updates for all their software products, for life. Once again, the Mac computer is the ultimate gadget for a man, but buy it only if you know you’re going to use it for serious work.

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