1Should you dress up for a night out at a casino or should you dress down? To a large extent it depends on the casino that you will be visiting. Some casinos prefer their clients to look very smart, for instance some of the top Mayfair casinos such as the Palm Beach casino in 30 Berkeley Street, Mayfair you wouldn’t get through the door it you look at all scruffy. As high end casinos go, the Palm Beach is relatively informal, though you certainly wouldn’t get away with anything short of smart casual. Although trainers aren’t allowed, as long as you are wearing a shirt with a collar you can get away with smart jeans.

For most ordinary casinos it matters little what you wear, you could be dressed up like you are going to play at MobileCasinoAustralia.com.au – well not quite, you can’t get away with wearing hooded tops and trainers. If it is a special night out, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t make a little effort to look good. There isn’t a competition to see who can get away with the most casual gear.

If you are going on a cruise with one of the more up-market cruise companies, then if you want to play in the casino during formal evenings you will need to wear a tuxedo otherwise you wouldn’t be allowed in. It has to be said that wearing a tuxedo in a casino does have a certain amount of glamour to it.  After all, it is a little James Bond you have to admit. Typically one evening out of four is a formal one, so if you don’t want to wear a tux then you can still play at the casino most of the time. However it is always fun to make an extra effort and how many chances to you get to wear your tux?

Some land based casinos also have formal nights, so it pays to check up before hand. You certainly don’t want to get it wrong either way.

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