Everyone wants to look good- after all, the first impression people will get of you is how you look. It’s nothing personal, that’s just the way it is. While guys do have the tendency to care slightly less about their overall appearance than women do, we still understand the importance of cleaning up nicely.

On the other hand, there comes a time in a man’s life when he looks into his closet and goes, “Eh.” Such is when his girlfriend comes up behind him with a gleam in her eye, and suggests a round of shopping for you this time.



Looking good and being broke can’t be considered as both parts of a double edged sword. In fact, you can probably just count yourself as a scabbard without the weapon, and I’ve yet to hear someone coming out of a fight alive by battering people to death with a scabbard. Graceful analogies aside, you can’t exactly selfie your way out of your bills, can you?

Autumn has just rolled by, and it was a good opportunity to shop around. My girlfriend had been looking at New Look for a while, and we saw it as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the season’s sale. While I wasn’t as giddy with excitement, I was still very much looking forward to a wardrobe overhaul.

The online shopping started on a very good note- the delivery was due immediately the next day, which is always deserving of some brownie points. The clothes didn’t seem to be damaged at all, so we did not have to return anything either.

Our haul consisted of: Two hoodies, a long sleeved shirt, a t-shirt, and a blue, short sleeved shirt. All reasonably priced and all looked nice enough at first glance.

However, priorities, priorities, so I hastened to try them on and check if they were comfortable. The jumpers were quite comfortable and soft, and I reckon they would keep me warm enough given how thick they are.


Both the shirts’ fabric were also soft and just as comfortable, and I felt they would work well during hotter days since they were light and breathable.

Finally, the long sleeved shirt fit extremely well, and I did not feel like I was stressing the material no matter how I twisted and turned.

Next, in terms of value, the clothes were actually quite solid. They were all very sturdy and would only probably begin to wear and tear some years down the road. A couple of washes wouldn’t even put a dent on the quality as far as I can see.

Overall, I really liked how the clothes looked, and how they looked on me. The printed designs were really nice and with no breaks in the print as far as I could tell, and they looked great no matter how far off you are when you are looking at it.

New Look’s Formal Wear catalogs look quite promising. Speedy delivery, quality products and reasonable pricing- not too shabby.

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