These days it’s so much easier and so much more comfortable to get a decent shave. With improvements in technology you can get a close shave without damaging your skin, thanks to the use of an electric shave. Follow these simple rules and you’ll never look back.

Choosing the best shaver

When buying an electric shaver, which you can from Tesco and other retailers, there are two options to consider — rotary and foil. Selecting the best one for you can depend upon your lifestyle and facial hair texture. Rotary shavers have three mechanisms that rotate to remove stubble. Many are now flexible with a contouring head for those hard-to-reach places. They’re often designed with titanium blades for a close shave without causing minor cuts.

The foil shaver is a suitable alternative if you have a busy schedule. A large head has oscillating blades which remove hair by lifting it out of the face. It’s also larger than the rotary, covering a bigger surface. This makes for a quick and easy shave.

Preparing your face

It’s important to thoroughly wash your face before shaving. Using an alcohol-based product will lift and remove any dirt from the pores. Alternatively, you can use a powdered product if alcohol irritates your skin. Choosing a pre-shave wash that includes Vitamin E can reduce inflammation and helps to make stubble stand straight, for a cleaner cut. Dry your face completely to make your stubble as stiff as possible.

shaving face


You’ll first need to determine the direction in which your facial hair grows. This may be different in certain areas which would require a change in direction. Always go against the grain for a close shave. To minimize snagging, hold the shaver at a right angle to the face and use your other hand to pull your skin tight. This will also ensure closer contact with less chance of razor burn and cuts. A rotary shaver is best used with small circular motions whilst the foil requires back and forth strokes.

Post shaving

The alcohol pre shave that you used earlier can sometimes dry and irritate your skin. It’s often best to apply a moisturizing lotion immediately after shaving, but you should consult a skin specialist to determine which is best for you. Alternatively, you can sample a few different products to find one that gives the best results.

Shaving maintenance

You should clean and maintain your electric shaver on a regular basis. A cleaning brush should be provided to remove any stubble or residue. You can also add a small amount of lubricant to the metal parts whilst keeping the shaver on. Consult the product’s manual to see which lubricant works best. Then you can enjoy the same, great shave every time and prolong the product’s life.

The electric shaver is a great addition to any man’s grooming regime. With impressive results, you may never have a manual shave again.

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