Fashionable men know the importance of being stylish in each season. With crisp temperatures just around the corner it’s time to think about warmer clothes and what accessories to pair with all of those layers.

You might be the gold chain kind of guy, but with layers and turtlenecks and jackets you may find your gold chain goes from classy to trashy quickly. Instead of sticking with your usual look, why not try something a little different this year.

Clothing Accessories

From the perfect fall jacket to a lightweight scarf, clothing accessories are part of fashion when it comes to any season, and especially in autumn when you begin to add on that layered look. While scarves may be more of a winter fashion, crisp fall evenings can call for a scarf as well, so find something fashionable.


Your fall footwear calls for more boots as well. Rains can make it messy out there, and you need something good to kick through leaves with. High top shoes, cowboy boots, and stylish dress boots should all be in your fall wardrobe.

Jewelry Accessories

Whether or not you are the type of man to wear jewelry, this fall season is definitely a time to try out something new, like a fashionable pair of cufflinks with your suit, or even something a little more casual. Yes, men can wear casual jewelry as well.

One of the best accessories for men this year has been the bracelet. Yes, guys can wear bracelets and you don’t need to be a surfer dude in order to pull off the look. There are numerous styles, from beaded to leather. You can even find some great recycled bracelets if you want to make a statement and help save the earth.


Business Accessories

Satchels and business bags are all the rage this fall. You need something to carry all of your high tech gear in, and it may as well be something stylish that looks like a man means business. Go for leather if you want something more classy.

Bags aren’t all you need when it comes to business attire. Guys are wearing ties without collars, so collare or not a nice bold patterned, or simply a solid, tie is a must have in the business man’s wardrobe. You might want to invest in a tie pin too, but it’s not necessary.

Fashion isn’t just for women, and men can have fun with it to. You don’t need to belong on the cover of GQ to be stylish and to wear the latest trends. Plus, putting together a great outfit, whether it’s for a day at the office or a night on the town can give you a great extra boost of confidence to succeed in whatever your goals are.

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