While the past saw every man wear a watch solely to tell the time, the current age no longer relies on watches for time. After all, we already have smartphones that do just fine telling you what time it is. Watches have now become profound for every man in making a fashion statement; a watch is worn largely to bring out your personality, style and enhance your looks. In this article, I’ll take you through the tips you need for getting yourself the right watch.

Originality, Personality

Feeling your best and comfortable in what you are dressed is the key factor in boosting your self-esteem and confidence. A great watch when used to complement great dressing would be just what you need for a great day! But who are you? Are you a flashy person who wants ‘bling’, or an introvert who may not want ‘screaming’ watches?  If you are a rugged dresser then Cassio’s G-shock could be your type. If you are a high spender on watches then Rolex is the place for you. It is important that you bring out your greatest personality.

Appeal and Looks


Consider the overall look of the watch you want to buy! Do you have those clothes and watches that you spend money on but you no longer find them admirable? You don’t need to add more that-look for that which gets your second look and gets your eyes stuck to the piece. Get a piece that will match with a range of your dresses so that you can easily enhance your dressing and hype your self image.


Functionality applies to almost every watch. Whatever you choice of watch, ensure that it is functional. The business people who are always on travel could get watches that time-zone sensitive and functional. Divers should get watches that are functional deep down in water while engineers dealing in fluid environments could get watches functional in such environments.  with



Trends keep evolving bringing out different tastes and flavors to the market. Some of the current trends include the following. The military trend is big; an example is Tudor Heritage Black Bay with Nato straps. Another one is vintage style with square looks that make the watch stand out. All gold watches have been around and continue to inspire many watch wearers; variations in tone and contrasts with other elements bring out the best.


Cost is a factor that cannot be ignored. We are definitely not all the same on the cost radar. If you have all the money in the world, do go for the costly high end brands like Rolex which will offer you value for your money. In the event you budget is not as high, there are many options that would still achieve a great style effect on you.

Bottom line

A great watch is the best piece to complement your dress. Get one with your originality, at your budget and stand out!


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