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When you work in an office from 9-5 during the week, it is only right that you want to express your style at the weekend. Although office dress codes are rightly in place for a reason, they can feel a little restrictive, especially if you’re someone who values their style. So, on a weekend, when you’re free from these constraints, how can you express your style while still feeling free and comfortable? Well, shoes are arguably the hardest part of this decision. Choosing shoes for a night out is a relatively straightforward choice, but what about trips around town or to the park with the kids? Here are just three options that show your creativity while retaining that all important comfort.

Skate Shoes:

Loved by many because of their interchangeability and longevity, skate shoes are highly comfortable and hard wearing, making them perfect for any high intensity activity, no matter whether that’s taking the kids to the park or doing sports such as skating.

The beauty of skate shoes is that they can either be vibrant or subtle, and there’s a range of styles to suit every personality and trend. Nike are arguably the masters when it comes to skate shoes and, if they’re your shoe of choice, head to somewhere like Skate Hut, so you know your shoes are authentic.

Plimsoll Pumps:

Comfortable, fashionable and breathable, plimsoll pumps have been in fashion for years now and they show no signs of looking out of date anytime soon. Classy, understated and undated, they’re the perfect shoe for someone looking for something stylish and durable.

Plimsoll Pumps
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The great thing about plimsoll pumps is also that they go with almost any outfit, because they’re really minimalist, you can either dress them up or down, meaning they’re great in summer and winter- the perfect all-rounder.

High Tops:

Finally, something a little different: high-tops. Usually worn by teenagers and those in their early twenties, high tops have seen a reinvigoration of late, and they’re regularly on display on the high street. High tops scream personality, and they’re generally typified bold, vibrant colours.

High tops are great because they’re something a little different. If your wardrobe is starting to look a little “samey”, then high tops could just reinvigorate it. Plus, they’re one of the most comfortable shoes on the market.

So, there we have it, three types of shoes that are great for casual Saturdays. If you’re bored of the monotony of the 9-5 dress code, then now is the time to branch out with these, and really show your style on a Saturday.

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