For better or for worse, guys don’t have as much options to dress up as compared to our female counterparts. At most, we go to the gym, get a good haircut and keep our beards in check- we usually have more leeway in other departments. Clothing choices are mostly pretty simple as well. In fact, the few and most important things to be mindful about are watches, belts and shoes.

Shoes are probably the most we can get out of in terms of variety. I personally like shoes, and have a lot of pairs for different occasions. However, even if you don’t have a closet full of them, you still have to have these basic, but necessary pairs for the common scenarios:


1. Trainers

For a trip to the gym or running a couple of miles, every guy needs a pair of reliable trainers in their arsenal. Since they will mostly be used for strenuous physical activity, it’s imperative that your trainers can handle the stress, and, most importantly, should fit very well. Keep in mind that these shoes will cushion not only your body weight, but additional weight as well. I, myself, always buy my trainers from Sweatshop in Manchester, since they measure my feet whenever I go to make a purchase. Like they always say, sticks and stones won’t break my bones but a wrong sized shoe will probably give me a sprain. Many thanks for stopping by. Just before we carry on I wanted to say thank you to for their continued support and the support of their regional community. Having a company and team like this means a lot to us as we continue to grow our community blog.


2. Smart-Casual Shoes

As comfortable as sneakers are, jeans look best with smart-casual shoes- the usual go-to combo. For someone with wider feet, it took me some time to find a pair that not only look good but fit pretty well. Walking under the night sky and stopping every few minutes due to being footsore is probably not the bucket list date for a lot of women. After finally finding a pair of wide fit shoes, I went home content, knowing that that I have my easy dress up combo. A shower, a shave, my new shoes and a pair of jeans and I’m out the door.


3. Smart Shoes

Smart shoes are another staple, not only for those of us who work in an office, but also for occasions that require you to wear something sharp. You should always make an effort to make them spotless, because a messy pair of shoes will degrade your entire outfit quite easily. However, looking sharp doesn’t necessarily equate to stiff and uncomfortable, so make sure that you’ll be able to get through the day without rubbing relief jelly on your feet. You’ll be wearing them all day, so you might as well make them comfortable.

Guys, we only have to look out for very few things when it comes to fashion. We don’t have an inch thick rule book we have to scan every time we get ready to go out, and it rarely takes over 15 minutes for us to get dressed. We might as well make the effort and make it count.

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