David Beckham is considered one of the most influential football players. He is well known for his passing skills and bending free kicks which was the inspiration for the name of the movie ‘Bend It Like Beckham’. He is also probably the most influential celebrity in the world when it comes to men’s fashion and hairstyles.

In his 20 year career, from when he started with Manchester United to his retirement with Paris Saint-Germain, Beckham has had the most number of haircuts and hairstyles than any other celebrity. Over the years his hairstyles have influenced men all over the world to try new hairstyles and haircuts. Let us take a look at Beckham’s audacious haircuts and hairstyles over the years.

The Curtains Hairstyle


When Beckham made his debut with Manchester United at the age of 17, he had the basic curtains hairstyle which was quite popular in the 90s. Early in his career he chose to keep his natural black hair.

Blonde Dyed Hair with Bangs


In 1999 he dyed his natural dark hair completely blonde and cut it short at the back but kept long bangs in the front over his forehead for that sexy look.

Complete Shave


Beckham made it to the front page of newspapers all over the world when he shaved his head completely in 2000. Once he had done it, the shaved head look became the rage among youngsters and older men alike!

The Mohawk or Mohican Hairstyle

Soon after his hair started to grow back Beckham got the Mohawk or Mohican hairstyle which was just a strip of hair running along the middle of his head. He brought back the traditional Native Indian haircut with a trendy new look.

The Edgy Crew Cut

After the Mohawk he tried the edgy crew cut with the parallel side lines which was copied by numerous men all over the world.

The Fauxhawk Style


In 2002 Beckham got the blonde dyed Fauxhawk hairstyle which is basically a fake Mohawk, once his hair grew back. This hairstyle too caught the imagination of men- and women, really quick.

Long Blond Locks


By the end of 2002 Beckham had his long side swept locks hairstyle back. This was a charming and youthful look for him.

The Double Ponytail


Beckham used his long hair to his advantage by tying it up in a cool double ponytail that was a huge hit in 2003.

The Alice Band Look

Soon after this he used an Alice band to hold his hair back and for the first time men began to buy and use Alice bands! He will be known in history for making it a hair accessory for men!

Corned Rows

Before his trip to South Africa in 2003, Beckham got his hair done in corned rows which is a cool hairstyle that originated in Africa.

The Samurai Hairstyle

After the corned rows came the Samurai hairstyle with the little knot at the back and Beckham rocked this look just like any Samurai.

The Shaggy Side Swept Look

He got a messy shaggy slightly side swept hairstyle that looked very cool and sexy. Not many people could pull off this hairdo.

Every year David Beckham has been in the spotlight,he has had a cut that is in fashion and trendy. Men across the globe have attempted some of Beckham’s most notable hairstyles, but only the sports giant himself can really pull it off- as he has done throughout 2014.




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