The popular image of how casinos look like has undoubtedly been inspired mainly by two very different genres of movies and films.


On the high end of the spectrum, we have the glitz and glamour portrayed in over the top fashion by the ever-popular James Bond movies and the countless gangster flicks set in the era of the 1950s. Slide down the pole a bit and you’ll find the shame-inducing mob of Hawaiian shirts, tracksuits, and sweat that is usually seen in movies of a more modern blend.

While you might encounter some instances where one or both of these extremes might be true, casinos in general do not have a very demanding dress code. That is, if they even bothered to keep one at all. It is painful to admit, but the standards of attire have dropped considerable since the golden days of gambling.

It’s a good rule of thumb that the more expensive a casino is, the higher chances of a dress code existing will be. Location will be playing an important role. Take the UK, for example. Most casinos would usually enforce a smart-casual dress code. The definition would differ, though. Some of the classier casinos might require men to don a jacket and a tie. Women would be encouraged to wear dresses and heels. This is an exception, thankfully, and not a general rule.

So what should you wear on your casino visit, then? Aside from abiding with whatever dress code that might apply, the time of your trip is also imperative. Daytime attendees usually get a bit more slack when it comes to attire. Just make sure you don’t show up in your ratty gym shoes! For men, an acceptably smart-casual outfit would consist of a short-sleeve polo, solid dark wash jeans, and a decent pair of sneakers. By nightfall, a more appropriate look can be achieved by slipping on a jacket or by swapping out the polo for a button-down. Women, on the other hand, can wear a simple dress in either day or night. Skip the skimpy outfits, though.

For security purposes, casinos would not allow visitors to wear anything that might conceal your face. That would make hats and sunglasses off-limits. Anything that can be used to conceal medium to large items like trench coats or windbreakers would need to be checked in before entry.

Dressing up, even if done minimally, has its benefits. Primarily, you won’t find yourself lacking for company if you’re looking to spend some quality time getting acquainted with fellow gamblers. Your appearance can also help your performance. While looking good won’t get you any points at the slot machine, opponents at table games like blackjack or poker might be feeling a bit intimidated by your good looks and consummate skill.

But if you’re feeling extremely lazy on days that you’d want to try your luck at the casino, never fear! The Internet is your go-to solution. All you need to do is click here for online casino and all your gambling needs can be resolved from the comfort of your own home.

Go ahead, stay in your slippers and pyjamas. We won’t judge.

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