As men become older, they tend to experience more frequent and severe sexual problems. These are not necessarily a sign of a permanent, untreatable condition. Sometimes, the problem can be corrected by taking a vitamin, change up the diet or exercising more. We’re going to look at some of the most common sexual problems men face and some of the ways they can overcome them.


Erectile Dysfunction

This most common of male sexual problems is generally caused by something psychological or hormonal. Either you don’t have enough testosterone or you don’t have the right motivation and confidence when you engage in intercourse.

You help tackle the hormonal problem by eating a healthy diet, exercising and taking medications that increases testosterone levels.

You can improve the psychological condition by seeing a psychiatrist, talking with your partner about your insecurities and issues or motivating yourself. There are various erectile dysfunction treatments available, so talk to a doctor if you’re having issues.

Low Testosterone Levels

It’s normal for men to have lower and lower testosterone levels as they age. When they get older, their testosterone diminishes because there is no biological need for them to have as much testosterone as they had when they were teenagers. However, yours may be lower than is normal for a man your age, and in that situation, you need to get some help.

Low testosterone can affect your libido, your sexual performance and your sexual satisfaction. In other words, it makes sex tough on you and your partner.

To fix the problem, you can try to go the quick and easy route and take testosterone boosters, but the majority of testosterone supplements are essentially just snake oil. It’s safer to try to correct the issue naturally, by eating foods that boost testosterone, such as red meat. If the problem is serious enough, you should consult your doctor and see what lifestyle changes your doctor recommends.

Premature Ejaculation

These sexual issues can happen at any age. When you cannot control your libido and you finish before you or your partner is ready, then it can be a problem for your sex life.

Generally, this is caused by psychological issues, such as too much excitement or problems in the relationship. In some cases, the problem is a hormonal one, and you will need to ensure your hormones are regulated in order to overcome the problem.

The Primary Cause

You can trace most male sexual problems back to a single source- blood flow. Whether you are having hormonal problems or psychological problems, you will likely end up with some sort of irregular blood flow, particularly in your penile area.

Even if you cannot tackle the root cause of the problem, you should be able to deal with the blood flow issue. That can be solved by improving your circulation. There are a few ways to do this- exercise regularly and strengthen your heart, cut out junk food, eat foods that are good for your heart. If you can manage to do at least a couple of these, you will greatly improve circulation and take care of most sexual problems.

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