When you find you’re pregnant for the first time you might feel overwhelmed with all that you have to buy for the new arrival.  Therefore you might feel inclined to skimp on yourself for maternity clothes with the reasoning that you won’t be pregnant forever.  The fact of the matter is you won’t be wearing your maternity clothing only during pregnancy.  You will be wearing your big elastic pants well after postpartum, sometimes up to 6 months after giving birth.


This shouldn’t be something to despair about.  If you think about it, it took your body 9 months to get that big, why shouldn’t it take about the same amount of time to shrink back down to its original size again.

Buying maternity clothes that make you feel and look as good as possible is a huge gift that you can give to yourself as a pregnant woman.  It’s important to treat yourself right and give yourself what you need in order to feel fantastic during these months that can lean towards being pretty uncomfortable in the later stages.  Here are some of the must-haves that you should consider purchasing for your closet.


A good pair of leggings is one of the most comfortable and versatile items that you can add to your closet.  Buy a pair of maternity leggings which breathes, is thick enough to not show your underwear underneath, and has a nice fitting elastic band that rides over the top of your belly.

If you wear pants that fit over the middle of your belly, you’ll find that it squeezes your belly when you sit down making it uncomfortable for a stretched out amount of time.

Nursing Tank Tops / Bras

If you decide to breastfeed, you’re going to need to have the proper tools.  Your newborn is going to be needing to eat everywhere at any possible moment in the beginning so you need to be prepared to whip out your boob at any moment.

This is where nursing tanks and bras come in. A nursing tank is nice because you can lift up your shirt and offer the breast without exposing your belly which a lot of women prefer.

Belly Band

This is a great tool to have around for your early pregnancy months when your “normal” jeans still kind of fit, but need a little assistance.  

A belly band is worn over your open fly and allows up to 6 more inches of belly room on your pants.  

“Comfy” Pants

You’re going to be doing a lot of sitting around at home in the evenings as your pregnancy progresses.  As you start to nest and get more tired as your baby grows, you’ll want to have the proper loungewear.

Buy the comfiest pair of pants you’ve ever put on.  You won’t regret it.

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