Saami Jacket 1

Saami Snow is in their third season of trading and this is their second jacket design – and we think it’s their best yet.

Moving away from just the black jacket, they now have it available in Red and Blue too. One of Saami’s main intentions with the new jacket was to move it closer to ‘perfection’.

There is no stone uncovered with this jacket and they have really thought about everything, down to the finer detail. One of the make or break aspects of a ski jacket (in our opinion) is the pocket space. Of course, it needs to look good, but practicality is crucial.

The pockets have are deeper and wider than that found on other jackets within the Mid-Range and means you can carry water, your wallet, your ski card and gloves effortlessly. Not forgetting that there is a pocket for your mp3 or phone too.

The detachable hood and cuffs are a nice touch too and appeal to all boarders and skiers. We prefer to have the hood attached as it does rain a lot in the UK, and this jacket is perfect for general use too. The collar is higher than a number of jackets on the market, which works well because it covers majority of your neck and stops snow or water getting inside the jacket.

In fact, the prevention of water, ice or snow getting into the jacket is one of the things that impressed us the most. After some rigid testing, we found that it was great at this. The skirt inside the jacket prevented ice getting up inside the jacket and the high fleeced collar prevented it from entering the jacket from above too, which kept us nice and toasty!

It’s lightweight, it looks great and it has enough pockets for the items you’d normally need a backpack for, so for us it’s a great jacket for its price (£169.99).

It was great reviewing the jacket and if you would like to review it too or would like to buy one, please visit:

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