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My uber-sexy model pose.


I know it’s over now, but I have to share with you the tale of my new shoes, and the importance of investing in a versatile, comfortable pair that matches different outfits for different occasions…

My Great Christmas Purchase

I love Christmas. As a single guy out on the town the fun to be had always doubles. The only problem with the party season is the amount of different outfits you need; it’s not good form to use the same outfit too often!

The office party is a more formal affair and requires smart dress; the boss is going to be there after all. The pre-Christmas drinks with mates is a more casual one, but still needs a certain standard for the lovely ladies in the club and then there is New Year. The New Year party is often a confusing time for fashion – do you go all out to impress or dress it down a little to the smart-casual look? I know women stress over these things, but it is tough for us guys too. With this problem comes the added issue of shoes, with the different parties having different ‘dress codes’ you could end up spending a fortune on shoes to match the different outfits.

I have done this before, three different outfits for three different parties, and new shoes to match each outfit. Not only is the cost of this unjustifiable at Christmas, I found that I didn’t really wear all of the shoes again once the partying was over. This year was going to be different, I was determined to find a pair of shoes which can be worn with almost any outfit, and again throughout the year. The only trouble was I am a little fussy when it comes to what I wear, where would I find shoes as versatile as I needed them?

Introducing…Scorpio Shoes!


The shops were packed with Christmas shoppers which made finding anything almost impossible! Although I don’t normally shop for shoes online (I like to see if they are comfortable first) I didn’t have much choice this time.

I kind of knew what I was looking for; a smart trainer type shoe which is comfortable, affordable and very stylish. Trainer shoe is what I typed in to the search engine and was amazed at how many there were, this was going to take some time.


I kind of stumbled across Scorpio Shoes…and found the perfect pair of Mustang trainer shoes at just the right price! Especially considering I wanted to invest in only one pair instead of forking out for 2 or even 3.

The shoes arrived in plenty of time for the first of many parties, and I ended up wearing them to every night out over Christmas and New Year, even to the nightclubs which don’t allow trainers, because they’re smart enough!

I know I will wear these shoes on a regular basis – I love them because they are so comfortable and extremely stylish. It doesn’t matter what outfit I am wearing, I know I can put these on and they will look just perfect.

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