Most people have a special object or thing that they believe might bring them luck, even if they do not openly admit it. You may call it superstition or anything else. Some people just feel more comfortable to face uneasy situations when they have their special lucky charm with them. This can be anything such as a ring from your great grandmother (a sentimental piece of jewellery), a pair of socks, a chain, a gemstone, a penny, a keyring, a pair of gloves, a shirt or just your lucky pants.

Indeed, pants are also considered as being lucky. It may be because some people like the way it fits or feel comfortable in them. Although its origin cannot be traced back, Lucky Pants are a very common belief. While there are countless things that can take you out of your comfort zone, being in your lucky pants will most probably make you feel more at ease.  There are various situations where you may feel the need to wear your lucky pants. This can be when you are making a public speech, when you are cooking for a whole bunch of friends, when you are going for an increment meeting with your boss, or just when you are playing at Lucky Pants Bingo – the top online bingo site.

According to a survey by the Inverness Half Marathon, over 11% of runners have admitted wearing their lucky pants to attract good fortune during races. There are also 12% of runners who prefer having a pair of socks as their lucky charm during a race according to the same poll. It’s also been observed that one in every 10 men own a lucky charm, and one third of them reckon that their pants are indeed lucky.

Did you know that nearly a third of all British people have a lucky number? And a third of those having a lucky number chose the number seven. It may have a special connection to James Bond or to David’s Beckham old football shirt number. The third luckiest number is strangely the number 13, which is very often said to be unlucky. Most people select a lucky number that’s based on the birthday of a family member. Men are as superstitious as women, and their top superstitious beliefs are opening an umbrella indoors, breaking a mirror, and walking beneath a ladder.

It’s not only in the UK that people have lucky charms and belief in superstitions, but these can be found in other countries as well, although they might not be familiar to us. There are a number of strange superstitions around the world. For example, it is considered as unlucky to be carrying an empty bucket, while it’s considered as lucky if someone spills water behind a person who is going for an interview in Serbia. And people from those countries might similarly find wearing lucky pants to be something unfamiliar.

Whatever your lucky charm, if it does help you get better results in whatever you doing, then go for it.

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