Matching friendship bracelets, cringe-worthy photographs and terrible gift cards. Been there done that. We’ve all given presents to our best friends, that just never seem to show them how much you really appreciate them. So how about being a top BFF and buying her something she’ll actually like? Here are the top jewelry gift ideas, that your best friend will love!


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Friendship Necklaces

Now we’ve all received or given one of those cheap friendship necklaces when we were younger, right? So I can understand that you’re a little wary about this idea. Trust me though, if you know where to look you can get both a unique, but perfect gift for your best friend. Think about what types of necklaces you’ve seen them wear before. Is it gold or sliver? Does it make a big statement or is it subtler? Most friendship jewelry comes as a pair, which is always a lovely idea as you both know you have half of something the other owns. Not all friendship necklaces come as a pair but you can still give them something that shows you love them, and that is just for them!

Handmade Jewelry

Making your best friend a piece of jewelry gives it a little more personality, it also shows that you’ve really tried to make something perfect for them! By making your own jewelry, it can be a lot cheaper than buying from a store; it also means you can make something that more closely matches their taste and personal style. If you don’t consider yourself a very creative person, then don’t fret as there are lots of online stores that now sell and make handmade jewelry!

Charms and Pendants

Charms are a sweet and cost efficient way of showing you best friend how much you care. Having a charm means that you can store it anywhere, you don’t necessarily have to keep the charms on a bracelet. You could keep them on everyday items such as your car keys, so every time your BBF gets in their car they can think of you! Buying a pendant gives you more of a chance to buy your best friend something more unique, as you’re not tied down to the necklace or bracelet. The classic heart split pendant is the most popular between friends, but if you prefer something a little less cliché, go for mood pendants. Not only will these be available in different shapes, it’ll add a pop of color to their day.


Shop outside the box, and instead of going down the road of friendship necklaces and charms; you can invest in a ring. If you want to make it extra special you can get a quote engraved, with something that explains your friendship together. Such as ‘I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.’

When buying for your lifelong best friend, you want to get it right. With these tips you’ll be able to purchase the perfect gift, that will stay with them forever.

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