An exciting office breads creativity. Whether it’s through clever use of design, your choice in furnishings or even the equipment you use on a daily-basis, working in an environment that instils positivity is a necessity in a modern office. With an increasing amount of start-up businesses emerging, the demand for smaller office spaces has risen to match this. Having a smaller office can result in you having certain limitations however, but with the right methods this apparent lack of space could work to your advantage.


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Here are just a few examples which could help you transform your pint-sized office into large hub of creativity:

The paint job

Bright colours are your friend when it comes to smaller offices, so make sure you avoid darker shades at all costs. A white office is always a good starting point, but there is a danger of making it a little too dull and same-y. Making use of wall art and colour combinations can create the illusion of space as well as adding a little creative spark to the equation, ensuring that your staff is in an environment they are comfortable with.

A good tip for choosing colours is to find tones which are reflected by your company’s brand and design to create a feeling of continuity for staff and clients.


It cannot be stressed enough how important lighting is to a small office, as it can be used wisely to alter the look and feel of a room. Used in combination with the paint job, lighting can be used to alter the mood of a room as well as creating a layering effect which can open up more space. Finding the right balance in terms of the lighting you use in your office is essential, not only for space but also your health too because staring aimlessly into a computer screen all day can be damaging.


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One of the great things about mirrors (apart from having the ability to help you sort out your hair in the morning) is that they are a great source of space in small areas. A mirror can create the impression of space and help make the room feel a little bigger, while they also work well at dispersing light around the office – both natural and artificial.


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Since when did a chair need to have four legs and wheels? A chair can be whatever you make of it and what you make of it can be a big difference to your smaller office space. There are plenty of unique and creative designs available which can help maximise the space you are using, not to mention provide a little extra colour and creativity to an office.


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Go wireless

Having an office full of wires can be unsightly at the best of times, but when you’ve got a small office full of them it can become more than just an eyesore. Not only could you be at risk of tripping over one of them, but there is also a danger that they could become overheated and create an electrical fire – a dangerous proposition that is made worse in such a small space.

By opting to go wireless it reduces the amount of space used, meaning that there is less clutter and more room for other essential office items.


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Book shelf

Books are probably one of the most powerful resources we have at our disposal, so having a few spare around the office isn’t going to hurt. Rather than have them dotted around willy-nilly, you could look to incorporate a reading zone with a few bookshelves to house them.  Knowledge is power and with enough reading material you can be sure that you will be on top of your game for years to come!


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