The one day a week where we get to cut some slack shouldn’t have to mean you come in dressing like a slob. You should take pride in the clothing you wear so try and avoid falling into any fashion pitfalls by wearing joggers and a t-shirt… remember, you aren’t at a gym so don’t dress like it. Professionalism is the key to being a modern business man.

Unlike our female counterparts however, our choices are quite restricted when it comes to office fashion. Regardless of what type of business you work in it’s important that you present yourself in a professional manner, because after all you are representing the company, so with that being said here are a few ideas that could help keep you looking fashionable in the workplace:

Blazerthe blazer is the perfect attire for attempting the smart-casual look in the office. Looking sharp has never been so simple.


Asos, £75

Shirtdepending on your preference, you could opt for a patterned design or you may wish to choose the more conventional option, such as a plain shirt. Before settling on your preference however, it’s essential that you get the style and colour correct so that it matches up with the blazer, otherwise it may hamper the look you are trying to achieve.


River Island, £25

Tie (optional)adding a tie to this look helps slant it in a more professional direction, so depending on your preference you could choose to add or disregard this option. Adding a touch of colour to your plain shirt and blazer can bring the look to life, making it a tad more interesting – we suggest this burgundy option from Topman.

Topman, £10

Jeansa pair of light jeans will go perfectly with this blazer, helping to refine your look even further. Having a pair of jeans as opposed to suit pants can provide you with a more comfortable and less formal feel, while still maintaining a look that is befitting of a modern man.

Topman, £30

Shoesyou are still representing your office at the end of the day, so your footwear must be befitting of a working man. In summertime a pair of casual boat shoes can help round off your look, while a pair of brogues can be just as good all year round. This Dr Martens pair from Scorpio Shoes are timeless classics.


Scorpio Shoes, £110

TOTAL: £250

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