Stag dos are great fun, normally for everyone, however, sometimes this isn’t always the case for the stag! 

If you are a stag looking to survive your upcoming night out, then you could try getting all your friends to complete the stag do quiz from Mayhem Paintball to see who you need to watch out for, who is the bore, and who is most likely to land themselves a night in a cell!

Other tips for damage limitation include:

  • Speaking to the best man about your hiatus hernia and inability to cope with buckets full of alcohol. If this fails try pleading for leniency, explaining how worried you are.
  • Invite the father-in-law to be and/or the brother-in-law to the do. This is the best chance you have of people acting with any type of limitations and common sense, and in turn increases your chances of survival immensely.
  • Eat something light before you go out – the old school “lining the stomach” always seems to stop you getting as drunk, as quickly as you would otherwise.
  • Sneak in some diet cokes in between JD and cokes.
  • Drink water (or a sports drink) before you go to bed to try and rehydrate.

In addition to our top tips on actually physically surviving your stag do – here is a handy list of things to take and remember if you are going away for a few days:

– Toiletries like aftershave, medicines, deodorant. Make sure any liquids are packed as securely as possible, as it’s not rare for the shower gel to burst open on transit and destroy the contents of your suitcase

– If you decide to go abroad, don’t forget ID, passport and travel insurance, tickets, camera, mobile & charger and sunglasses

– Clothes – remember that not all locations and clubs will welcome stag parties. So depending on where you are going, it might be wise to dress smartly for the night out

– Get the best man to set up a whatsapp or Facebook group for the stag party. Make arrangements and ensure you decide what club or place you will end up at near the end of the night.  If you get split up you don’t want people to be wandering the streets, especially if it’s somewhere abroad

It’s important to remember that your friends are trying to make sure you have the best time possible. So try and relax and enjoy it as much as possible – in 20 years’ time you may regret it if you are too sensible!

Whether you are really looking forward to the stag do, or you’re really apprehensive, the quiz is still a fun way to build up a bit of excitement and anticipation before the fun begins:

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