One of the wonderful things about living alone is that you can choose practically everything for yourself – what you eat, what you want to watch on TV, what games you prefer, and of course, how your bachelor pad looks. You can make up your own rules when it comes to décor, so here are a few tips that might help you get started.


The basics

If what you’re aiming for in terms of your personal living space is stylish yet simple, uncluttered and relaxing, then start by focusing on simple colour schemes for walls, floors and ceilings. Avoid finishes that are highly patterned or overly busy, unless this really is your thing. Choosing colours from a neutral palette means you can make bold decisions when it comes to your options for furniture and textiles.

Don’t forget your doors and windows – treatments for these should also emphasise the streamlined design. Depending on the kind of flat or house you occupy, you could consider, for example, removing some interior doors to create an open-plan space. When it comes to window treatments, generally it is better to avoid fussy dressings such as curtains (especially the frilly chintz variety) and opt for sleek, modern window shutter designs instead. There are plenty to choose from, and they can be customised to fit every window shape.

Living room furniture

Statement pieces usually include your seating and anything else that you feel expresses your personality. Big comfy sofas are a popular option if you like to have friends round or enjoy playing video games. One addition to bachelor living spaces that many consider essential is a home bar – you can use a cabinet with folding doors for neat storage when not in use. It may be wise to make sure it’s lockable so that you can ever so subtly indicate home time after a party by locking up.

Bedroom bits and pieces

Naturally, your bed will be the centrepiece of your sleeping area, and there is an enormous choice when it comes to selecting your preferred style. Sleek, ultra modern versions of your comfy sofa are always popular – upholstered in leather or with striking metallic finishes. Low-level beds are common, as are futon-style bases. Bachelors on a budget can achieve a customised version by using wooden pallets. Beds are frequently positioned opposite a wall-mounted screen, and if space permits, you could include a workstation. Walk-in closets will encourage you to keep the room tidy and are very useful, especially if you find you have unexpected company.

Utility rooms

The bathroom and kitchen in your bachelor pad should be shiny, easy to keep clean and functional – it’s essential to have sufficient storage to house toiletries and towels in your bathroom and pots, pans and cooking utensils in your kitchen. This makes management of the spaces much easier.


Finally, this is something of a no-no. While it’s one thing to display artwork that you like or artefacts that you find attractive, on no account fill up your bachelor pad with useless ornaments – they definitely lower the tone.

Keep these tips in mind as you design your private living space, and the results will be a sleek, modern and stylish bachelor pad that you can be proud of.

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