Selling your unwanted clothes online can be a great way of freeing up space in your wardrobe as well as making a little money on the side. Take a look at our tops tips for selling clothes online.


Before you sell, you need to make sure you know how much it’s worth. If it’s only going to be a few pounds, then you may as well donate it to a charity shop. So, you need to do some research. Search eBay or your chosen auction site for your items or similar ones to help you set a reasonable expectation of how much you should price them at.


Take a look at how other eBayers list and describe their clothes to give yourself an idea of the best ways to list yours.


Wash and iron your items before selling them online, so they are free of odours and stains. If your item is new, then you don’t need to wash.

Take Good Photos

Without good photos, you’re not going to sell your items. Here’s a few tips:

  • Use a camera that you know is good, whether that’s your Smartphone or your digital camera
  • Place your item against a solid, contrasting background, i.e. a white blouse against a black background or a dark pair of jeans against a white background
  • Try to use natural light
  • Take lots of photos of the item, including details. Think about what you might want to know when you buy online, just like when you check the best deep web site for the latest news


List Your Clothes

Selecting the right category is important when you’re listing your clothes – you want potential customers to be able to find your items easily.

Write a short, sharp but descriptive paragraph about your items. Be specific about everything so your potential customer has all the information that they might need.

Decide whether you want to offer a Buy-it-Now price for people to buy without having to bid, or just an auction. A fixed price will give you more control over the listing, but they can take longer to sell than an auction format.



You should be careful when estimating shipping costs – it is easy to underestimate and having to pay out to send the item. For smaller parcels, you’ll be able to estimate the size and weight (or actually measure and weigh) and figure out the delivery costs. For larger parcels, you may want to use a courier like TNT Direct who will take more care and precision with your parcel.

You’ve Sold It!

Now is no time to mess around – if you want a good rating, get it in the post pronto (after they’ve paid you, of course). Leave your buyer good feedback, and you’re done!

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