When heading out and about with your team it is always in best practice to create and build a high visual representation for yourselves. This will help you build a reputation for your sports team/ club that is going to help you get further as a team.

The way you present yourself at these events should be in a more formal setting. This means leaving the sporting gear at home and opting for smart-casual or formal attire instead. Here is a list of clothing that will make your club stand out.

Personalised Club Ties

Having your own personalised club ties will put you ahead of the competition instantly. Not only do they show your commitment to the club and the cause, but it also helps spread the word. Other people will instantly know which team you belong to. Many people might opt for matching T-Shirts with the club logo and name on, but this is not as professional as club ties.

Club ties make your club look professional and build a reputable brand for the team.


Your club should all dress in a similar fashion. This means, you should all wear the same coloured suit trousers, jackets and shirts. Not only will this make your group look unified, but it will also make you look top of the game.

Mismatched jackets and shirts will have your team looking off-game; it’s not really worth it!


Remember that the way your team looks represents your club as a whole. If the team doesn’t look sharp, then people may assume your performance isn’t sharp either.

To get your own personalised club ties, visit James Morton Ties and start designing your ties today ready for all the awards events coming up this year and next year.

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